Montreal Hosts the second annual Go Topless day! | Scott RedCloud


After a very successful 2013 event, the Go Topless Day will be coming back again August 24th from 1pm to 4pm! Daniel Lafleur and Scott RedCloud the organizers of the 2014 World Naked Bike Ride – Montreal hosted this event last year and will be taking over the event since we had invited to bring along a representative since we were doing it in their name. They were very happy that we had invited them and they choose to take over the event this year because since Montreal was not of the many places world wide to host this event.

With the success of Montreal’s first GoTopless day in 2013, they will be back hosting it for 2014! if you wish to participate in this years GoTopless Day, the Facebook event and group can be found here. Bring a book!, tablet, or kindle! socialize with others much like you would do normaly!

Women will be allowed and have the police’s ok to be topless at this event and the men are asked to bring and wear a bra. to represent how silly a bar looks on men, that the women feel just as silly. Topfree equal right for both men and women! I highly recommend the Ta-Ta-Top!

The evet will be heald at Montreal’s Tam-Tams (Monument à Sir George-Étienne Cartier)


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