Oups, was I too comfortable? | The Naturist Page


OK, let be honest here.. Have you ever been so comfortable and natural that you forget cover up before answering the door? Don’t be alone, their are many of us who either were too comfortable or just did not care to the mail man, pizza-man and even the delivery man of that corner store. I think that some people are just relaxed that they forget them selves… but in other times i feel there is that inner feeling to cross that line, to challenge ourselves to that first time goal to feel free and liberated for that first time and tell yourself.. im I crazy? or is this the way we were meant to be? i have to admit that I have done both and came to a realization that it MIGHT….. just might play in a role with the church when it comes to,”is it normal to be clothed free or does the church say i need to be at sun with my body? (Adam and eve) .. need i go more? I didn’t think so. sorry if you feel i’m ranting and slightly going off topic. this turned into a double blog… sheesh sorry hehehehe! ANYWAY… to make it short and sweet, its normal for this to happen and others feel more daring for that “reaction” I do highly recommend not to do that too often with random people. Naturists are not voyeurs … we tend to respect others who are not comfortable with nudity  or in general. respect people way of life around us. just don’t do anything that will label you in a bad way. lol. good night =)


One thought on “Oups, was I too comfortable? | The Naturist Page

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