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Located about 50km south-west of Montreal in Saint-Antoine-Abbe, La Pommerie is currently my favourite Naturist campgrounds that I have been to. Warm friendly staff and to be honest, it’s HARD to get bored over there because of so many activities you can attend. Might I remind you this is a family orientated place and DO NOT accept singles. couples only and family. 


In English, “La Pommerie” is translated to The Apple Orchard. and indeed it is, their are ALOT of apple trees all over the campgrounds. I never asked when I was there if you are allowed to eat the apples as they grow, I’d suggest asking the staff before doing so.


The have two swimming pools with salt water; as well as a children’s pool for children 4 years and younger… so its much more sanitary for a salt pool and better than chlorine. They also have a lake and a beach with a powerful water jet that shoots right up in the sky in the middle of the lake. Softball field, 3 tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, a vineyard, a restaurant with access to alcohol (must drink inside the designated area to drink and not away from the restaurant. they also have a Massotherapy center if you need a massage. they even have archery over there.


Bring your own bike! if you like biking you can bring your own bike there and enjoy all the paths they have to bike around the campgrounds. if you do not have a bike, don’t sorry they have extras there if you want to get around. I would however suggest to bring your own portable bicycle pump because many of the bikes tend to lack the air pressure.


on a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being excellent, i give La Pommerie a 9 out of 10!


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