What’s wrong with being human? | The Naturist Page

What is wrong with society that it is required for one to be covered up or women can not be topless like men in public? Textiles have been taught that you must be ashamed of your body and must cover up when others are around. WHY?! What is so bad about the human body.

We, like all life on earth were born in our natural state. Was it the church? Was it government? It’s sometimes hard to determine what exactly; sometimes its the parents who were grown up in these terms that they can be so paranoid about being seen in public nude for a variety of reasons. A side from the obvious of what I said, body acceptance, view of not only their body but how clouded they view others from media, magazines TV commercials etc. The try to make you feel ugly so yo can buy their product so you can make you feel the way you want… fake… yes to me the most beautiful women are the ones who be their self and not fall to the commercial life that make them feel more ugly than they think of them self.

Break free from the stereotypical commercials and magazines and BE YOU. Your true friends and partners will be there for you regardless of looks. Even if you have war scars like C-sections and other various operations. It just makes you even more positive and more accepting that people with hats off will be proud of you because you accept who you are as a person and not hide who you are and what you’ve gone through in life. I got my own scars of life and never will I put myself down for them. I look at them as conversation breakers in the most positive way. Don’t be shy. In a true Naturist environment you will never be judged.

12 thoughts on “What’s wrong with being human? | The Naturist Page

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  2. I feel so free when I’m walking nude in the forest. It’s such a great and intensive feeling that I won’t miss.
    Have a nice day! 🙂


  3. The skin is the largest organ of the body! It has thousands of nerve endings which detect touch and temperature, thus it is our largest sensory organ too!
    When you are nude, you feel on your body everything that all of the other flora and fauna around you, are also feeling. It puts you more in tune with nature! Live free of clothes and experience life to the fullest! You only live once!


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