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The thought of a world where Naturism/Nudism is legal world wide may seem far fetched. However, if you get in deep thought about the subject matter, it all becomes a little more worth educating and fighting for the cause. What I mean by this is… Just because we feel we have a right to live life the way nature intended (clothes-free). Society over the past has forgotten that we don’t need clothes to survive unless the weather is bad; that we have been corrupted that when someone sees someone naked anywhere they either freak out, get disgusted or automatically label them as perverts.

The point I’m trying to make is, it’s not the naked people you have to worry about. It’s rather, the mentality of the person that you should be worried about. Perverts, rapists, pedophiles… etc… Being naked is not an act of negativity or anything sexual. It’s however, the mentality of the person that believes it is such.

If we were to legalize nudity in this sense, all we need to concentrate on are the small minds that like to automatically associate nudity with sexuality. Let’s deal with them and let us live like we were born. Natural.

I feel that eventually with everyone in their natural state will make people realize, “oh, another person naked… I see that all the time… nothing arousing about it.” Much like we see others today on our daily commute to work, school, etc… We see people all the time clothed and don’t even flinch about it. just a normal everyday thing, right? The same can go with Naturism/Nudism. Eventually everyone will look at everyone else who is clothes free the same way today we look at others clothed. “Just an everyday thing… what else is new.”

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  2. Agreed! If something becomes common, it loses its ability to outrage. it wasn’t so long ago that a shirtless man at the beach would have been considered obscene, but now it’s downright humdrum. Once public nudity becomes common, people will become acclimated, and their kids born into such a world won’t ever understand what all the fuss was about.

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  3. Yeah well ok. Maybe I’m a bit cynical (ok, I AM!) but it just ain’t gonna happen. Better we focus on saving the resources we have and try to expand the areas where we can exercise our wish to do something which most of the world finds abhorrent. We are prisoners of our societies.

    I’d suggest the following article (along with an older one or ours) which seems pretty reasonable, though not encouraging. Those of us in this area of interest can tend to forget the reality of the world we live in, and why not? Our lifestyle is good, healthy, and beneficial in all ways!

    So how can it be that the rest of the world can’t see that? Just because, and the ‘becauses’ are far too numerous for us to expect any major changes in the foreseeable future. Let’s not lose our perspective of reality in our enthusiasm for a wonderful way of being!



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