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What good are they? what do they protect you from? Nothing! I won’t go swimming if a swimsuit is required. they are so uncomfortable.. There is a quote by D.R. Benson that I like,

“I simply can’t understand why swimsuits are in such demand. They’re soggy and damp, Bind like a clamp and hold about three pounds of sand!”

 It’s a lot more free and liberating to swim without the dental floss clamped to your body. Your skin is a natural swimsuit, water repellent, fast dry, and you never have to worry spending hundreds of dollars on swimsuits.



2 thoughts on “Skinsuit | The Naturist Page

  1. I always wonder how things like swimsuits become popular. How do people get convinced that, after a lifetime of swimming nude, it’s actually a bad thing to do and they should wear special swimming outfits instead? it seems so illogical.


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