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Starting just 3 years ago, Yvonne and Hector established what is known today as Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch. Located in Tamworth, Ontario and recognized by the FCN. I was talking to Hector and Yvonne and they have so many new ideas and things that they are working on to make the place a lot better than it already is. Their property is really huge and have a lot they can do with it, and they are. Freedom Fields is just as the name as it has been given. The freedom within the fields of this beautiful Naturist ranch! The staff and the people here are very welcoming, warm and friendly! 


It was my first time visiting Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and nearly immediately I had a sense of welcoming. It was just like that Cheers show where everybody knows your name. it really felt like one big happy family. They are always looking after it’s members and making sure you got what you needed when and if you need help with something or to better make you feel more comfortable. 


At night time, the barn is the place to be where everybody likes to get together and listen to music, dance and socialize! Saturday night we had band that played for us named “Days Gone Bye” by manager, Sherri Paterson. That evening, I asked for her card because the band played so well that you would have thought it was a professional band in a major concert! The band is either from Greater Napanee or Kingston, Ontario; I do HIGHLY recommend this band for hire if you are having a party. check them out! they are worth it! (613) 331-1181


During the day, there is fun things to do, go jogging or hiking through their huge property! in-tune yourself with the nature all around you! Their are so many different wild life around you. from Turkey Vultures, frogs, dragonflies, around you, swim in their new pool, archery, hot tub, and more. Though, they do have a little beach with a body of water… it’s a swim at your own risk, I was told their are snapping turtles in the water! I didn’t wan’t to take that risk! I’d advise you to take the same precaution lol! Hector is a great chef! A friend told me that he comes from a professional chef background and boy does he show it! the dishes he makes was always really really good! you’ll love the food here! 


A very well done presentation was also held at the event by CanNaturist representing P.A.C.E(People Advocating Cannabis Education)CanNaturist talked about the benefits of medical use of cannabis. CanNaturist explained in his presentation how people take all sorts of medications in their life and have to take them for the rest of their life; when introduced to medical marijuana that many people found them self either cured from their medical condition and not have to take prescription drugs no more or still have a condition but medical marijuana was all they needed to not have to take prescription drugs. Other various uses of cannabis such as, rope, clothing, paper, hempcrete, and it’s also a stronger material than fiberglass! There is so many benefits of cannabis that you can do so much with it. for example Hemp Technologies Global made the Hemp Car – Kestrel made with cannabis materials! CanNaturist also showed a very educational video on the uses of cannabis that was very well done! Thank you very much CanNaturist for that very nice and professional presentation! P.A.C.E can also be found here on Facebook, give them a like!

SONY DSC SONY DSCSince it was a Woodstock Theme, they also had mad their own Tie-dye and beading going on as well, these are the 3 i loved the best! Everyone’s tie-dye was great and they really enjoyed doing their very own homemade tie-dye! 


I would recommend Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch to my friends and and followers and I would deferentially go back again. Call Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and book today at (613) 358-9375​​


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