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Naturists have one of the golden rules when it comes to social nudity; either your at a club, resort, campgrounds or at a gathering with friends is to sit on a towel when you must. It is for sanitary reasons. With all the different types, sizes and choices out there, what one should you bring along with you the next time you are going out to a social gathering?


One towel that catches my interest if you like the larger beach size towels is made by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. their towel is a multifunctional towel. The towel can be bought at the Bare Boutique starting at $24.95.

  • Folds into a multifunctional beach bag
  • Terry Towelling finish
  • 213 cm (84″) long – 100% terry towel cotton
  • Top pocket slides securely over back of lounge chair
  • Three pockets either side
  • Separate iPod/MP3 player pocket with loops
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Ties to secure to the lounge chair

This kind of towel is perfect for the beach or lounge chair if your going to lay on it and soak in the sun. However, if a big towel is too much for you, their are some other options. I went out and bought a bathroom towel and a matching colour face cloth and had sewed the facecloth in the corner of the towel and added a zipper.(You could also use Velcro instead.) 


My final option is more if you know you will not be lounging or sunning. Simply use the same concept with a hand-towel. if you prefer not adding a pocket, that’s your choice to make if you do not plan to carry anything with you. however, if you want to be hands free of things and want a place to put them as you go bouts your day I would suggest a pocket. 

The choices are endless. You can also use these Ideas to be creative and come up with your own Idea.. something unique to you! =)

2 thoughts on “Towels, Towels Everywhere! | The Naturist Page

  1. Exactly. Glad you “went there” in bringing up the towel etiquette issue. It’s important to know and understand and although most who visit such places as nudist clubs automatically follow this rule, I have seen those who didn’t seem to know. Usually these are newbies, but not always.
    I brought this issue up quite naturally when I wrote my latest novel, “Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist”, set at a nudist retirement community in northern Arizona. It’s important to know and adhere to.

    Jacob drake

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