Support Topless Equal Rights. One step at a time…| The Naturist Page

“It is sexualizing the female body that has left us unequal in the eyes of the law.” a video on Daria Azizian’s YouTube channel, she explains in this video entitled “Going Topless?!” she explains and talks about going topless and how a nipple is just a nipple. just like everyone has a hand, face, foot etc. She supports


Laws and views of how to covered up our bodies have changed a lot in the past and it was all done by fighting for our rights. back in the 1800’s men and women could not show legs or chest and arms. But even today, the modern muslim swim suit is still fully covered. It was illegal for men as well to go topless as well


It was only in the 1920’s when American women were able to expose their legs and arms in what we know as a 1 piece suit, only the bottom half was shorts like. But men started fighting for their rights to toplessness in the 1930’s, gaining the legal right in 1936 in the state of New York when the Park Commission’s office (which supplied swimsuits) realized it was cheaper to provide trunks only. As for the women, it was only in the 1950’s when the bikini came to evolution and in the 60’s sales soared in popularity. 


As we come closer to the present, in 1986, women were fed up with the gender bias and started protesting for topless equal rights. The State of New York women were granted their rights in 1992 & Ontario in 2012. It is time to help out either your a man or woman to fight for topless equal rights for everyone. 


One step at a time, I feel as if, the more we take part in these demonstrations such as we will be that much closer to possibly legalizing the human body. I feel that one day we could at least be legal to be in your house with curtains open or on your own property in a non-sexual or lewd behavior without hiding from the public and being human without fear of hiding to be reported to police. 

I know what you may be thinking… everyone naked and more problems for police to deal with sexual issues. Just think back in the 1920s when just showing a leg or arm it made people raise an eyebrow and suddenly of interest because a little skin was exposed. Now look at today when we see people with bikinis and speedos. Do we have that same reaction today as we did back then? I feel not. Now imagine the world when everyone is in their birthday suit. Yes, after the initial shock… just like in the 50’s, it will pass and we will all look at one another as just another person, just another human body.

We’re going to go ’bouts our day and society will eventually come to realize that we all have the same body parts and the human body can be de-sexualized. Because today society likes to automatically associate nudity with sexuality. This relation must be removed. Just like in a Naturist environment, we do not look at one and other as sexual objects. We look at one and other as just another person you see on the street with clothes on. 

My wife and I will be there this Sunday to support and fight with you for topless equal rights. We hope you do too! =)

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