I Had an Interesting Dream | Scott RedCloud

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I went on vacation to the Netherlands and was staying with one of my sisters. I spent the whole 2 weeks clothes free everywhere I went. I was the only one where I went that was wearing nothing but my sandals and a back pack. went to the beach, shops and took the bus. nobody seemed to react to my nakedness and I felt very comfortable with that. On the last day of my vacation I was sitting in the sun in front of what I believe was City Hall and City Officials asked me to come in for questioning because of me being clothes free. they asked me my name, where i’m staying and where I was from. The interesting part was they were not speaking Dutch, they were French and had to call someone over to ask me these questions who spoke English. Before I knew if I was either going to get a fine or end up in jail, I woke up… I guess I’ll never really know what was going to happen next in that dream. It was an interesting dream. Thought I’d share with you. 

I’m not sure what this dream means, I’m not sure how to put a meaning to dreams.

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