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Another successful event this year held at the Tam-Tams on Mount Royal this past Sunday, the beat of the tams, and the positive vibe was there for the people who did attend the event; the people who stopped to join in! What of next year?

Despite out of the near 300 people that said they would attend via the Facebook event page, their were only about 15-25 women who attended and a hand full of men with bras on. I was happy to see that it still did not lower the spirits of the demonstration. Lots of positive vibes with the demonstrators!

Sylvie(Organizer for Montreal) and who supervises the GoTopless Day in Toronto and Vancouver; the other co-organizer Nadia Salois did a very good job with the event. They setup on the grass, placed blankets down to sit on, however with all the media and the bystanders surrounding us with cameras and interviews, It was much easier to be standing until it calmed down a little after the march around the Monument George-Étienne Cartier. 

The march paused for a wonderful dance with the Tam-Tams that seemed to brighten the mood even more. Dancing, you get a sense of freedom, liberation, a sense of spirituality. After the dance was done we continued our march back to where we started and had a women and her son roll in and she was very happy to have stopped, pulled off her top and joined us! That’s the spirit!

I had a talk with her while her son walked up to breastfeed. What a beautiful and natural thing. She said, “Their boobs, that’s what they are for, their meant to feed our babies” She could not be more right. Much of society likes to frown upon public breastfeeding. I don’t, It’s natural and it’s normal and its not sexual. Only the closed-minded ones would think it is wrong. 

I’ve talked to some of the raelians before my wife and I headed out about how they felt if they would do a march like last year downtown Montreal or if they liked this years idea and having it at Tam-Tams. They told me that they liked the idea of Tam-Tams because there is a lot of people around who could have joined in.

I believe with time, alot more people will join in the future and it is only a matter of time that people will feel more comfortable with their skin and gain a peace with them selves and gain body acceptance for their self and for others. As a Naturist, This always takes time with some people and others will be the opposite and feel like they want to be part of the movement. 

I’d like to thank Sylvie and Nadia for a job well done! I’d also like to thank all the media who showed up to cover the event. We’ll see you all once again next year for the GoTopless Day 2015!

I did a video for the event that can be found here

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