All Nudist is Under Attack Once More! | The Naturist Page

all nudist under attack


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Here we go again! All Nudist Facebook page has been disabled to the point where the page is no longer visible. However so far it is still find-able via the search but when you click the page your own profile will substitute instead. 

Last week they were blocked for 24hours This was the post he did for Facebook to block his page is found here. Here’s what All Nudist has to say from his post on This time they suspect it was a troll that they warned to calm down or be banned, then a couple minutes later, the Page was gone.

Yeah, back in the doghouse again!  This time for posting an article about AANR’s participation at The National Conference of State Legislatures!  Fully dressed and nothing ‘obscene’ about any of it.

Someone reported it and FB’s robots took over, as usual.  This happens on a regular basis to those of us attempting to follow FB’s impossible rules, while pronography runs rampant and ignored.

All Nudist’s Facebook page has 7,621 followers and his back-up page has 1,503. For those of you who were on his main page, Please see his back-up page if you were following them. Follow “All-Nudist Friends” for updates. 

Since this topic has come to attention, we too have a back-up page and would like to encourage you to follow our back-up page as well. Please also Like “The Naturist Page – Back-Up Site” as well in case this happens to us as well.


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