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A friend of mine had his account disabled and removed from Facebook. According to Facebook, his account was disabled for, “Uploading sexually explicit photos”, “Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language” and “Engaging in sexual solicitation” Well now.. I had a view of his screenshot of the message (below) and It does not even contain ANY of the above. 

account disabled

I’d be careful who you friend on your account. don’t just friend anyone. friend only trusted people so this does not happen to any of you and make sure your posts are to friends only and not public posts. An example of what I mean is below.



If you have your posts Public, everyone who is not on your friends list can see your profile postings. When someone reports your photo, it’s not a human that reviews the report. its all automated. They get so much reports to process they developed an automated way to process all the requests/reports. It’s a dumb method when it comes to simple pics anyone could report a photo of mickey mouse and say its sexual and would it be removed from Facebook because it contains “Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language” and “Engaging in sexual solicitation”? 

Be careful with your postings on Facebook and who you friend. Make sure you have it set to friends only so this does not happen to you.


6 thoughts on “Facebook: “Your account has been disabled” | The Naturist Page

    • Wrong. G+ will also boot you without explanation, warning, or appeal. Been there, done that. At one point we had nothing at all (NOTHING!) posted on our page (we had emptied the site after a previous spurious report) and were permanently removed for ‘obscene’ material. G+ does embrace pornography as long as it’s not reported, but will close an account for NO reason at all if reported, just like FB. Don’t kid yourself.

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  1. Unless you’re particularly gregarious, lock down your personal profile as much as possible. Don’t trust FB to tell you how; Google the instructions. Even then, you are NOT private! FB sells your info, and everything you do on FB. Your personal, private messages can also be assessed through Google if someone knows how.

    Accept that everything you put online is there forever for whomever pays the price. EVERY website automatically derives your IP address (kind of like your social security number), the computer you’re using, your browser, the internet company you use, the town you live in. With no effort at all your browser add-ons and downloaded apps ON YOUR COMPUTER are right out there. Everything you do online is tied to this. Your IP address is your personal ID and follows you everywhere.

    There are ways around that, but too much trouble unless you’re particularly paranoid about your entire life being exposed to anyone who will pay for it.

    Should you fill out a poll or subscribe where your more personal info is entered, that also gets tied to your IP address. Essentially, if you have ever given any website personal info, it theoretically could be connected to everything you have ever done online. Including your name, address, phone number, friends, family, sites you’ve visited (!), and virtually everything about you.

    That means that the porn site you just happened to check out once (accidently, of course) could have your address, home phone number and know your kids’ names. Maybe where they go to school. And who their their FB friends are. And pics via FB. Yours too! Not to mention where you order your pizza or your political beliefs. Email, you know, is never really ‘deleted’. Only deleted from YOUR viewing.

    Face it: the idea of personal privacy is gone (today’s generation doesn’t know that it used to be considered important), and now it’s only a battle among the advertising giants as to how much about you they can learn, and use to sell you something. And then, there’s the government, which has MUCH better resources to tie all this together… Thank God we trust our government!

    There are times (ok, ALWAYS) when I am SO glad that I won’t have to live in the world of my grandchildren. I think my generation saw the finest that America could be, then the decline, and now the inevitable slope to something much less. For our kid’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

    Sorry for the rant; just kinda got going and….

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  3. good info here. facebook is ridiculous most of the time. it allows certain public pages with graphic, violent images of dogfighting for example, but shuts down harmless stuff like this.

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