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     Let’s take a moment to go over what good clothes are. Seriously… what good are they? Let’s first go over the Pros n’ Cons of clothing and we’ll justify this in the end of this blog. To begin, let us put aside the obvious. Forget that it’s illegal in most countries; the negative reactions textiles give when they see a random person clothes-free.

Pros n’ Cons

  1. Vitamin D: The sun gives us a much needed vitamin D. Wearing too much clothes all the time(ie: Suits n’ ties or anything that covers everything except hands and face) can cause a vitamin D deficiency. Where as since the sun gives you vitamin D naturally. You’ll never have to worry about having a deficiency from lack of vitamin D. WebMD article on this topic tells the symptoms and health risks of vitamin D deficiency. Also, always use sunscreen if your prone to sunburn.
    • Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease
    • Cognitive impairment in older adults
    • Severe asthma in children
    • Cancer
  2. Sweat: Our bodies have a natural way to cool the body down and when your wearing clothes, this can cause a cocktail of issues. When clothes free, your body benefits more because your sweat is not absorbed in to your clothes. Sweat is bacteria. When your sweating in your clothes all that bacteria is soaked in your clothes and making you sweat more because your clothes are preventing your body from cooling down so your body produces even more sweaty bacteria. By being clothes free, you do not sweat as much. Your body sweats less because your body does not need to produce as much to keep your body cool; who wants to go about their day with excessive amount of bacteria in the clothes with sweat and bacteria, this produces the odor people give off that can be unpleasant. 
  3. Body Acceptance: How many people do you know who tell themselves that they could not wear that bikini because of the way they look or have scars from accidents or c-sections done giving birth. Same goes for men, I know a number of people who are self conscious of themselves with issues with their body. So they cover-up their bodies hiding it all. By doing this, you may not realize what your really doing to yourself. Depression, anxiety, social deprivation are just a few things that many go through because they feel their body does not look like that person in the magazine from H&M or Men’s Fitness. I can not stress more the fact of the matter by telling you that every single person in these magazines have been photoshopped or other methods of image altering to make them look like that perfect person with a flawless complexion. Naturism helps to break all of these issues by teaching you body acceptance and acceptance of others. Yes, we all have flaws and issues with our bodies. who doesn’t? Naturists do not care or worry that you do not have that perfect body or that you have scars. We accept them and never dwell on the ”body flaws” people may have. Some scars can spark a positive conversation with some. “Ohh this? I had my beautiful baby boy/girl who is now in university studying medicine”. We don’t point fingers at others and whisper to others with negative comments just because of your body type or flaws. We all embrace them as normal because it is normal! Nobody is perfect and we have learned to accept that and live a much less stressful life. Naturism has also shown to help and free you from general depression, and other psychological issues.
  4. Feeling Free: When wearing clothes your body lacks a lot of sensations in life. If you’ve ever gone skinny dipping before or sun bathed nude or topless you might have a better understanding where i’m going with this. The feeling of the sun or water over your body is an unexplainable sensation that feels good. You are also a lot more careful of your body and more careful of where and how you walk or climb/sit on that hike or that journey your on; become more in tune with your surroundings and with nature. 


So, what are clothes really good for? Aside from keeping you warm when the climate is cold or in harsh weather, there is absolutely no good reason for them. I think that clothes were made to make you sinful by religion (Adam & Eve for example.) Religion makes us feel guilty and feel that our bodies are shameful and tell us we have to cover-up or we’re all going to hell. and over the hundreds of years became lawful to be covered up. 

I’m not saying to go to that fancy restaurant clothes free and have a fancy dinner. There is Naturist etiquette to cover up when it is required. We do accept the fact that Naturism is not for everyone and we cover up when necessary. 

I’d like to encourage others to lose the clothes for a day and try Naturism. Feel free and liberated! It’s good for the body, the mind, and soul!


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