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Brian TaylorThere has been a lot of talk about Mr Brian Taylor, an ex-director of The British Naturists. He admitted downloading 120,000 indecent images of children and was put on the sex offenders register. “Taylor, of Tamworth, pleaded guilty to six counts of making indecent images of children during a hearing at Stafford Crown Court earlier this summer.” 

The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are many people who are telling me they are not going to re-new their membership no more with BN and then The Spectrum Swimming Club has the naturist swim club suspended from its local pool after the group’s chairman was caught with child porn… I understand the people’s anger upon the subject because it is something to be taken very seriously, however, just because of one bad apple don’t cast the whole batch out for one bad apple. Yes there are still true people and it makes no sense to judge the whole batch. BN is very well known and renown. I’m just surprised this was not caught earlier.

Just shows that sometimes when you think you know someone you can be caught off guard and be in awe because you thought you knew the person. Just don’t blame all of BN’s organizers and vise directors for one person who clearly should have been someone he should have been (based on media) when he wasn’t.

Continue to support British Naturists and remember that Mr Brian Taylor has been fired from the federation.

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I’m not sure how long this nudist radio station has been on the air for, but they play music from the 60s to the present. With a passion for radio, the owner who is also a nudist from Central Florida followed his long-life dream to host his very own radio show/station.

Perhaps the first radio station of it’s kind I have seen, by nudists for not only nudists but for all to enjoy. The owner also likes the fact that he can work free from the clutches of wearing textiles on! who wouldn’t, if I could work clothes free, i’d be a much happier person and probably love my job better too!

A good point was left in the About Us where it was mentioned, “This will be the story of a group of incredible people who want to show the world how entertaining radio can be! Together, our past, current, and future hosts will create a truly exciting destination for radio listeners who want real music and talk without the confines of government regulation.” The CRTC for example has it’s limitations when it comes to nudity and talk about such topics and can be hard to host a radio station like this and would not allow the airing of such stations. I’m glad they went and followed their dream and went ahead to provide us with a radio station we Naturists/Nudists can relate to and enjoy! Dont forget to visit their website to request a song!

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Coastal Clean-up 2014

Great Job!

Welcome to Wreck Beach!


Thank you for participating 2014 Coastal Clean-Up.

We had 21 volunteers to clean Wreck Beach trail 6 area.

Well… Wreck Beach is quite clean for the number of the visitors… but we still found
a lot of trash today!


We had many young volunteers and so as beach regulars.

It is amazing… we still found bucket-full of cigarette butts…


Winners of Cigarette butts competition…. look at the bucket!! $50 for 1 st , $25 for 2nd and $15 for 3rd.

It was unusually nice weather for Coastal Clean-Up. Hopefully nobody had heat stroke…

Thank you again for everyone!

Summer is still here.

See you soon on the beach.

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I’m not certain if this happens to everybody, I’m going to tell you based on my personal experiences on how I feel is the best and more importantly the safest method of getting that all over tan without over doing it and ending up burnt. By the middle of summer you might not need sunblock and may never burn.

Early May was the first day of the season I began to work on my porky white skin from being cooped up indoors all winter and my skin could not see the sun. It’s very important early in the season to bring sunscreen at this stage because if your pale like I was, you’ll burn a lot faster. Depending on your skin type, you can be in the sun for 4-5 hours by applying sunscreen every 45min. (If your using SPF-45) You’ll know when it’s time to get out of the sun when you press lightly for a few seconds somewhere on your body; when you let go your finger, you should see white-ish contrasting to red. the bigger the difference, the more likely that it is time for you to get out of the sun and allow your skin to heal. Don’t tan this long the next day, in fact let your skin heal the rest of the day and the day after as well. Tan like this with break periods throughout spring and beginning of summer.

By the end of June and beginning of July, I finally had my base tan & did not require the use of sunscreen anymore. Throughout July and by the time August came, I came to the conclusion that I could not get any darker than I was and it became for me, IMPOSSIBLE to burn and get darker. My skin now had it’s natural defense against the sun’s rays.

Summer is now at it’s end and lately it’s been too cold to be outside clothes-free. I’m hoping that there will be a few more days in the future that I can go out in the sun before snow falls. Maybe Indian Summer will be warm enough for the last few days before Winter.

All together in the alltogether. Family nudism.

I agree with this 110%

Happy Bare

aaBeing naked together as a family is an important way to share core body image values with your children.  From a very early age they will learn that their bodies are healthy and normal. The chance that they will acquire body image problems and issue in later life will be greatly reduced.  Teach your kids to love themselves and to love their bodies.  They’ll grow up to be happy, healthy, normal adults.

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“We Removed Something Your Page Posted” | The Naturist Page

There comes a time where Facebook is not on the ball of thing. What I mean by this is when somebody posts something that contains nudity and your page is set to the age of 21+ there has to be some form of maturity from Facebook and the users. If the page is set to the age of 21+ people and Facebook should recognize this and allow social non-sexual nudity. If you don’t like what the page posts, then stop following it and ‘unlike’ the page, simple.

FB-Removed irish examiner linkLast night I was forced to re-login with this message to soon follow up upon my login. The link was from the Irish Examiner’s news page that I had re-shared from 35th International Congress of Naturism Facebook page. The Link that got removed was the story “Delegates undress to impress at international naturist conference” a simple story of Ireland’s first International Naturist conference that did not contain pornography; yet was forcefully removed by facebook because it contained pornography/nudity.

FB-Removed irish examiner link-emailI have sent an e-mail to Irish Examiner about the situation and do not expect them to do much on the subject. However, let them know what Facebook seems to feel about their posts that are shared on Facebook. It’s down right outrageous that Facebook seems to automatically associate nudity with sexual-ism. It’s like associating drinking and driving. they are two different things. You have people who drink and you have people who drive. and then you have people who bring the two together. The same principal goes with nudity and sexuality. they are both different! it’s just the small minds who like to think they are the same thing when they are not.

In closure, #FacebookMustChange in what posts/links are removed and how it is judged. If it contains lewd sexual behavior then by all means, remove/block/ban someone. Just don’t do that to people’s profiles and pages that contain social & non-sexual lifestyle. it’s the porn industry that seems to flourish on Facebook yet Facebook seems to do little with that and automatically label and target innocent Naturist Pages.