Is Clothing Really ‘Normal’? | The Naturist Page

Why is it that our society is so afraid of the human body and why are we the sole species to have to cover up? Is it really so un-natural for us humans to be able to live our lives like all other animals? Yes you heard right, we are animals too. We keep saying we’re the smartest species on the planet and for the most part we are. However, we’re the dumbest ones in the aspect that we’re disgusted by our own bodies and the bodies of others. Why!? Is it really that horrible to be clothes-free? to be normal or natural? 

friends at a backyard bar-b-que in hawaiiAllow me to give you a graphic view on this subject by showing you examples. The example to the left, illustrates what society believes is “normal”. Textiles, (Non-Naturists) find this to be normal. If you think about our animal friends all around us like cats, birds, dogs, horses, etc… What is normal for them is not wearing clothes because they have over the the evolutionary years, their bodies have been able to develop their own ways to protect them from the elements of natures sun, snow, rain, etc. They to us look normal and we’re not disgusted by them living around us naked. So again why are we so disgusted by our own bodies and other peoples bodies?


What is un-normal or amimals wearing clothesnatural to see around us are animals wearing clothes. it’s un-natural for them and can hinder the bodies natural way of regulating temperature. Moreover, disrupt their abilities to live their normal lives. our 4 legged friends would not be able to move around as easy with the clothes limiting their movement and for our feathered friends would either have to work twice as hard to fly or not fly at all. The human body is much like this too, but since we began wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago, out bodies have begun to devolve to depend on clothes for our survival vs the elements of weather and what we walk on throughout our daily lives. Even our feet are devolving to depend on shoes to have baby like feet. For some, It hurts to walk on rocks for example. I believe what is truly normal is to de-sexualize the human body and legalize the human body. Our bodies will eventually evolve to protect our us from the elements. The image below is what I believe is completely normal and non-sexual. Maybe one day society will come to realize this and it will become a reality. 


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