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Brian TaylorThere has been a lot of talk about Mr Brian Taylor, an ex-director of The British Naturists. He admitted downloading 120,000 indecent images of children and was put on the sex offenders register. “Taylor, of Tamworth, pleaded guilty to six counts of making indecent images of children during a hearing at Stafford Crown Court earlier this summer.” 

The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are many people who are telling me they are not going to re-new their membership no more with BN and then The Spectrum Swimming Club has the naturist swim club suspended from its local pool after the group’s chairman was caught with child porn… I understand the people’s anger upon the subject because it is something to be taken very seriously, however, just because of one bad apple don’t cast the whole batch out for one bad apple. Yes there are still true people and it makes no sense to judge the whole batch. BN is very well known and renown. I’m just surprised this was not caught earlier.

Just shows that sometimes when you think you know someone you can be caught off guard and be in awe because you thought you knew the person. Just don’t blame all of BN’s organizers and vise directors for one person who clearly should have been someone he should have been (based on media) when he wasn’t.

Continue to support British Naturists and remember that Mr Brian Taylor has been fired from the federation.

[Sources] dailymail.co.uk & mirror.co.uk


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