Sleeping Naked

Their not Naturists, however a new found passion from education to sleep in their natural state.

memoirs of a modern mom

Warning: Sleeping Naked. Enter at your own risk.


Growing up my parents slept naked. Like bare-assed naked. Every. Single. Night. I think this was quite smart on their part. I never wanted to go into their room after bedtime for fear of seeing body parts that I had only seen in my copy of Where Do Babies Come From?. (You remember the 70’s cartoon book, where the couple actually looks like normal people and not like the Barbie doll characters that would be in the 2014 version.) I am not sure exactly how the nickname came about but a friend growing up would call my parents Adam and Eve. Classy. (Although, my parents are the hippie-type, so maybe that has something to do with it, too)

Fast forward 20 years later…I sleep in damn near a sweat suit. Pajama pants, tank AND a sweater. Not to mention the sheet, a down comforter…

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