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TSONY DSChe “Snow Angel Challenge” was first started by Yvonne of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch! Challenge your friends and family and let’s have a little crazy fun and see where this goes on social media! If your not a nudist/Naturist and or can not be clothes free it’s OK! I did mine this morning and I’ll be waiting till there is a lot more snow on the ground before I do it again. The more snow on the ground the better! Burr! Just have a towel and a hot cup of coco, coffee or tea ready for when you get back inside! Use the hash tag, #SnowAngelChallenge


First Nakey Footsteps in The Snow of The Season 2014 | The Naturist Page

First Nakey Footsteps in the snow of the seasonWell, it’s the first snowfall of the season here in Montreal, Canada and I could not resist the urge…

Many Naturists dislike the snow. I am one of them & I do not like to feel cold. However, there is just something about walking naked in the snow that gives me that special connection to nature when I set foot in the snow that make me feel in tune with nature. Obviously I am cold when i’m doing so yet I still enjoy it. Even when there is a heap of snow I like to go running in the snow and jump on my back making a snow-angel; then running back inside to warm back up with a coffee.

Im sure i’m not the only one who likes to do this. I want to hear from you. If you like to go naked in the snow, do you have similar experiences? What do you like to do in the snow?

Nudity Tears Down A Wall In Communist Vietnam

Adventures of The Nude Writer

The Summer of my 16th year on this planet I went on a mission trip to Vietnam. But since Christian Missionaries are not allowed in Vietnam, I was teaching English on a 6 month work visa. See, nothing illegal there! A group of six Brits, Australians, and I spent four months teaching English at private learning centers and working with street children to teach them skills and hopefully give them a better future. We were in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City in District 3. Our British sponsors paid to have us live in a very nice house complete with our own driver and house keeper. We each had our own room with air conditioning. Which was nice when the temperatures in the summer rarely ever get below 40C/105F. And that is in the shade!
I could be nude as much as I wanted in my room, but I…

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Out of anybody in this world, who is truly the happiest? With clothes or without?

Great blog

Clothing Optional

One thing that I noticed since I’ve started my new nudist lifestyle, all the people who have supported me so far have helped me realize something, that nudists are truly the happiest people I’ve ever met. You wanna know why? Because when you live natural, you are free. You don’t have much reason to worry when you’re naked, because you’ve got nothing to stand in your way. You can freely express yourself, people can see and respect you for what you truly are. I’ve seen reviews for a whole bunch of different clothing-optional resorts, and they have gotten lots of high four and five stars. Know why? Everybody’s happy, you interact with people who get to know the real you, and you get to know the real them.

If you come to think of it, humans aren’t really that much different from any other animal out there. Every animal out…

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Let The Adventure Begin!

An absolutely great blog of Natural Living and becoming a Nudists / Naturists without realizing it until it happen! Great story Sophie, your nude adventures have only started! =)

Adventures of The Nude Writer

It's Me

Greetings everyone!

My name is Sophie and I am a nudist! (Or a Naturist)

No matter what you call me, the main point is that I hate wearing clothes. I have never liked wearing clothes. My favorite state is to be completely naked. And I have always felt this way. This is NOT a sexual thing, this is a way of living a natural life.

I was born the middle of three girls. My father was a traveling professor of literature. Because of his career we moved around a lot and never stayed in one place very long. Sometimes (more often actually) he would leave my mother and sisters at home and he would travel from school to school, sometimes for weeks at a time. Because it was just us girls at home, my mother didn’t feel we should be required to wear clothes. (Very smart mother) We weren’t “Nudists”…

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