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It’s not only Facebook that have your photos on your profile removed and face Facebook-jail. Depending on your profile privacy settings your profile could be visible to the public. Yes, strangers who you do not know and are not on your friends list could possibly see your photos and report them.

I’m going to show you how to set up your profile so that your in more control on who sees what on your Facebook profile. Please note that if you are just accepting everyone who sends you a friend request. the following will not help you from getting your photos reported and face Facebook-jail. You should not ever allow anyone you do not know or trust on your friends list.

Step 1 | Posts:

click the box where your about to post a status and you should see a pull down menu and make sure it’s set to Friends. This way you can be sure that all your new posts are only going to be visible to only your friends eyes.

postsStep 2 | Settings/Privacy:

Click the pull down menu at the top right and choose settings.

go to settingsOnce in the settings click on the left side Privacy. Now, set your settings just like mine below making sure you select Friends for everything except “who can send you friend requests” that option is up to you.


Step 3 | Timeline Settings:

Now on the left click the Timeline settings and set it up like mine. Keep in mind this is my personal recommendation and if you want something different by all means go ahead.

timeline settingsI hope this article was of help to you people out there. Privacy for me is a big deal and I wanted to write this to help you all out there because I keep seeing people getting put in Facebook-jail. As a precaution make sure you censor your photos on Facebook because I’ve seen photos taken down of a guy in underwear… was not even nude.

If you feel that you do not want to censor your photos and be free to post photos of Non-sexual nudity I recommend you to check out Naktiv (The Nook). It’s like a Facebook for Naturists/Nudists/Comfortablists.


12 thoughts on “Recommended Facebook Privacy Settings for Naturists & Nudists | The Naturist Page

  1. Quite right. Not worth the trouble trying to convince Facebook. Good to have Naktiv (The Nook). It’s a pity that a middle-ground is so hard to find. We just want to explain how good it is to be ‘one with nature’ – purely ‘natural’.

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  2. I have gone one step further: I have set up a list of just my naturist friends (who are also normal friends), then I can add photos even nude photos taken at some of the event our group runs. When adding these to my Facebook timeline, I simply restrict these to viewing by those who are in my ‘Naturist’ friends list. While FB may see these, it would very unlikely (I think?) anyone else or the public could see the images and complain. I wouldn’t therefore that I would be breaching the ‘so called’ community standards. I Would like to know if you think this is a safe workable arrangement?
    PS: I have a related question but will wait until I have a response to this one.

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    • That’s a good idea as well, however i’m not sure how often human screening of photos happen with Facebook and I can not guarantee your nude photos will be safe from Facebook. However, your idea is good too, to make a “Naturist friends” filter to posts.


  3. Facebook’s anti-nudity stance is complaint based so if no one sees your nude photos who will then complain, you should be safe, however you arrange that in practical terms with the privacy settings and group memberships. I have a few nude photos in my account but they are only visible to trusted friends so no problem. However don’t assume that large closed, private interest groups are safe. I also belong to one of about a thousand members for gay male nudists in Australia and someone in that group reliably reports any photo showing a penis to Facebook.

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    • Thanks Antandrian & others for your responses. Since my private “Naturist” friends list is relatively small it seems that I should have no problems. I became a little anxious when one of these friends shared the album (with whom I don’t know) so I quickly advised them of the possible implication of this. However when I checked the accessibility of any of his friends to my album, I discovered that indeed they will not able to access the album anyway because of the privacy settings to “Naturist” friends. That’s given me even more confidence.

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  4. Earlier I mentioned that I had a related issue. I manage a Facebook page that represents a local naturist group. Here I advertise various events that the group organises and interested people subscribe to this. I also post information about the beach conditions and photos that have been taken of these events. When I have attempted to create a photo album on this page, it seems to differ from that of my home page when setting the privacy and it seems that I cannot change the settings from ‘Public’ as easily (or at all) in the sam way that I am able to on my home page. The FB help is it seems no help at all on this point. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I might be able set privacy to “Naturist” friends group for this? The page in question is at:


    • For Facebook pages the only thing you can do is censor the photos. On pages it’s completely public and there is nothing you can do as far as what you want to do with the page. I’m not certain how the Groups work when one crates a group page. but you can close a group and nobody can see the contents unless you accept only who you want in the group.


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