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This is a really good documentary worth the watch. My impression of an extreme true Naturist man who calls himself the man who abandoned Japan.


Finding the courage to enjoy social nudity

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Our society in the U. S., as in most other counties, is generally quite hostile to open nudity. It’s considered OK for a person to be naked in a few limited circumstances, and even to enjoy that nakedness in some fewer cases. But there’s a strong taboo against going naked openly and by choice with all but a certain very few people. In various ways this taboo is even stronger now than in recent decades ? unless one is some sort of a celebrity or meets quite narrow aesthetic standards of bodily appearance.

As a result, it takes a fair amount of courage for most people to try social nudity ? and to admit that they enjoy it, if they are successful in trying it. It takes courage to explain to skeptics of social nudity, let alone people who are actively hostile towards it, what is so good about it…

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“Naturism is to be close to nature and attentive to natural elements. For ourselves and for those around us the way nature and life was intended. Nude is natural. Life is too short, Try Naturism! It has been proven to have many health benefits.”

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Winter Activities to Make The Season Less Depressing | The Naturist Page

It can be difficult for many of us when you live in a climate where it drops below freezing or worse, arctic air masses from the north that send temperatures to -40 degrees. When it’s -40, forget about doing anything outside unless you are truly a hardcore thrill seeker! However when it’s more of a reasonable temperature but still below freezing there are some challenging activities you can do with your friends or alone.

The following activities I have either done or have heard done by thrill seekers like myself. but you wont catch me polar bear skinny-dipping under the ice! That’s just what this woman did, the video was uploaded by Kurt Sorensen. I’m surprised she didn’t get hypothermia swimming 5 and 1/2 minutes in the cold water. It didn’t seem to bother her as she gracefully swims in the water like it was in summer. Then there is what my friends love to do and challenge each other, naked snow angels and naked snowball fights! these are fun to do with friends — especially when you have a nice warm hot tub to run in to when you were cold. If your not use to the cold you can start small by walking barefoot in the snow, shoveling snow, etc. Perhaps the most impressive video I seen was this group a hardcore skiers and snowboarders with their “Valhalla’s naked ski segment”!

Whatever the activities you like to do in summer, just think sometimes they can be just as fun and challenging in winter! Just be smart and not freeze to death. Be smart and have fun!

The Main Hick Up In Society (Personal Opinion) | The Naturist Page

The main hick up in society is the textile parents who teach their kids to be ashamed of their bodies and that it’s not ok to be naked in front of others — even their own siblings! They teach their kids to be afraid to be “Natural” and make it a bad thing. Seriously, in my opinion this has got to change and we need to teach our kids that nudity is normal and natural and not teach them that nudity is an abnormal thing and just because there is a naked body that it automatically means its sexual. I grew up as a naturist and growing up in school (before high school) the minute someone mentioned “boob, penis, vagina…etc etc… the whole room is in giggles … all but me, I didn’t find it funny.. what was so funny about that? I grew up in a family that taught me the respects of ones own body and the respect of others. I understand now why they giggled and laughed because they grew up in a textile environment. If the world (long shot here..) would raise their kids the way I was, I think their would be alot more socially accepted non-sexual nudity.

No Pants Subway Ride Montréal 2015 | Scott RedCloud


Stuntman Sam

Montrealers’ exchange pants for laughter and giggles as the 2015 world annual event, “No Pants Subway Ride” They gathered at Mont-Royal Metro station with the permission from STM Officals for 2:30pm yesterday. Hosted by Jean-François Laurendeau & Guillaume Lespérance. The organizers explained the route and the idea of the path that will be used and other details. Also spotted joining in on the event was Stuntman Sam who happen to get on the metro when it was all going down when he decided to join in on the fun! Good Sport! The subway ride went down with success and here are some of my favorite photos taken by me.


The Organizers