The Main Hick Up In Society (Personal Opinion) | The Naturist Page

The main hick up in society is the textile parents who teach their kids to be ashamed of their bodies and that it’s not ok to be naked in front of others — even their own siblings! They teach their kids to be afraid to be “Natural” and make it a bad thing. Seriously, in my opinion this has got to change and we need to teach our kids that nudity is normal and natural and not teach them that nudity is an abnormal thing and just because there is a naked body that it automatically means its sexual. I grew up as a naturist and growing up in school (before high school) the minute someone mentioned “boob, penis, vagina…etc etc… the whole room is in giggles … all but me, I didn’t find it funny.. what was so funny about that? I grew up in a family that taught me the respects of ones own body and the respect of others. I understand now why they giggled and laughed because they grew up in a textile environment. If the world (long shot here..) would raise their kids the way I was, I think their would be alot more socially accepted non-sexual nudity.


3 thoughts on “The Main Hick Up In Society (Personal Opinion) | The Naturist Page

  1. I agree totally
    In some places things really get out of hand too. Schools in the UK don’t even allow kids to shower after sports lessons. Spas insist on costumes and even in gym changing rooms nudity is forbidden. Its all due to the hysteria surrounding paedophiles and such things. Something has to change before things really get silly.

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