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Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch has a growing new community page like Facebook, but without the censorship. With a little over 3 years in the business, This community page and their Ranch retreat is growing fast and always upgrading and improving their campgrounds; as well as their website.

Currently the site with the community page is still getting the kinks out and you might find it a little slow, however it’s worth checking out. I don’t think the speed of the site will be much of a problem as they are working on many things to help make your visit on the page more enjoyable! Check them out here: Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch: Community


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Spring is in the air and I think it was a good idea to bring this topic back up before it’s sunbathing weather.

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I’m not certain if this happens to everybody, I’m going to tell you based on my personal experiences on how I feel is the best and more importantly the safest method of getting that all over tan without over doing it and ending up burnt. By the middle of summer you might not need sunblock and may never burn.

Early May was the first day of the season I began to work on my porky white skin from being cooped up indoors all winter and my skin could not see the sun. It’s very important early in the season to bring sunscreen at this stage because if your pale like I was, you’ll burn a lot faster. Depending on your skin type, you can be in the sun for 4-5 hours by applying sunscreen every 45min. (If your using SPF-45) You’ll know when it’s time to get out of…

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heartlandnaturists:A lot of people think nothing about being…

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A lot of people think nothing about being nude around their own homes.  They go inside after a long day at work, strip down, relax, and forget about the stresses of the world outside their front door. They cook, clean, watch TV, surf the web, and read nude. There’s nothing sexual about it. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and free of constricting clothing.

Despite the porn industry’s fantasy that nudists are all about sex, we are not.  We believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about the nude human body. Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, just sitting around watching TV, or surfing the web, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you are comfortable being nude around your home but have never tried social…

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Facebook VS Twitter in Naturism | The Naturist Page

These two social sites are great in their own way. However in my experience of the years they have their differences. For one, the pros and cons with these two social media sites.

  1. Facebook has censorship and Twitter does not.
  2. I get more interactions with Facebook as where I don’t with Twitter.
  3. I get a lot more followers on Facebook than Twitter.
  4. Keeping track of all the comments on Facebook is easier than Twitter.
  5. You can block followers on Twitter and you can not with a Facebook Page.
  6. Hash tags are easier to search with Twitter than Facebook.

I like both of them very much for different reasons. Even though Facebook’s censorship really stinks, I still prefer Facebook. That’s my humble opinion. Which social media site do you prefer?

A Letter for Facebook | The Naturist Page

Dear Facebook,

I’m writing to you out of  concern about your censorship rule. It is to my understanding that pages do have the option to set the minimum age limit and you should realize the difference in photos. Use the censorship rule for people who have porn, or with intention for sexualizing the human body.

I’d like to explain to you about fine art, Naturism and Nudism… straight up nudity that is not promoting to sexualize the human body in it’s natural form. Why should Naturism and nudism or fine art in simple non-sexual way be targets of the censorship rule? We’d like if you could take this in to consideration and ask if you could give us our right to not be treated as being sexual.


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