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There are a lot of sites out there that claim to be Naturist/Nudist sites but how can you tell if they are legit or not? In this blog im going to go over what I feel is the right way of debunking what could be a legit site or not. For one, if you come across pages / blogs that truly have content and a mission to educate Naturism without the sexual intent AND who don’t always resort to photos just to get likes and follows … who have a real purpose for their page and to help educate the new and inform the veterans for the sake of preserving what we have worked on for far too long to get where we are… then your most likely following the right page. Yes, their are countless pages out there on Naturism and Nudism — but who are the right pages and who not to follow?

I’m Scott RedCloud and I’m a second generation Naturist. You don’t have to accept my views on Naturism but coming from my experience as a Naturist I can tell you that any page that likes to solemnly likes to focus on photos for more likes/follows without a proper intention to de sexualize the act of Naturism only to wish more people to like/follow their page … or one just plain like the attention just because they want more people to like them just for the stats are or may be looking for the wrong attention and may have a lot more perverts following/liking them than they either realize or for new people, want on their on plate. It’s important to share ideas/Views or beliefs … but never result to just sharing photos out of the blue. You WILL get more perverted followers/likes just because you WILL get people just following/like your page(s) just to see nude people. My advice for you if your truly legit. start making content that has a meaning to it and not something so “In your face” when it comes to photos. It’s better for your image and how people look at you.

Their are only a hand full of true sites that are not federation related that I can indeed say to be true. from number one to four this is my top four. no.1, All Nudist, 2. Australian Naturist News, 3. Cypress Cove… and 4 Terra Cotta Inn.

Thank you for having this time to read this blog. I’m hoping to try and educate people and guide them on the right path…


14 thoughts on “Naturist Site or Not? | The Naturist Page

  1. Interesting read. We at Thailand Naturist are not afilliated with any international group. Yes we get some crap members but we do our best to weed them out. We take pride in ourselves, and our growth as slow as it might be, towards the ideals of true naturism. -Bruce Kendall, Senior Organizer Naturist Association Thailand.

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  2. Scott, we have been preaching this message for years but have never expressed so eloquently as you have. Bravo!

    There are so many websites/Tumblr, whatever that purport to represent social nudism but merely post endless pics of (mostly) naked women in the name of ‘naturism’. And that’s what the interested internet browser finds instead of the ‘good stuff’.

    You, we, and several others are trying to reach those who want to learn about mainstream social nudism but run into the garbage instead in their Google search..

    All we can do is keep on truckin’ until, as most often happens, we burn out and say, “Oh f**k it, who cares?” and stop doing what we’re doing. As a hobby, it’s fun. When you really get hooked into it it, it becomes a passion. Then it breaks your heart that your efforts seem to really accomplished nothing.

    Most nudist/naturist bloggers give up at that point, sadly. Been there, done it. But we came back!

    You stick with it, Scott! Dammit, you’re one of the good guys, and young, and poised to be an important part of our nudist/naturist future. We need you. Don’t burn out, buddy. That’s a cheap escape from what you were meant to do.

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  3. I do agree that fare to many blogs out there just post photos.

    The most interesting to read about is when people express themself. My blog is about naturism, body image and travellign as a naturist. has been there for a couple of years by now.


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