Facebook VS Twitter in Naturism | The Naturist Page

These two social sites are great in their own way. However in my experience of the years they have their differences. For one, the pros and cons with these two social media sites.

  1. Facebook has censorship and Twitter does not.
  2. I get more interactions with Facebook as where I don’t with Twitter.
  3. I get a lot more followers on Facebook than Twitter.
  4. Keeping track of all the comments on Facebook is easier than Twitter.
  5. You can block followers on Twitter and you can not with a Facebook Page.
  6. Hash tags are easier to search with Twitter than Facebook.

I like both of them very much for different reasons. Even though Facebook’s censorship really stinks, I still prefer Facebook. That’s my humble opinion. Which social media site do you prefer?


6 thoughts on “Facebook VS Twitter in Naturism | The Naturist Page

  1. I actually prefer Google Plus as it is easier to manage the different actions. Though it has the same censorship problems as Facebook. Setting up a private Google Plus page is easy and management is easy. We at Thailand Naturist have both, FB and G+.


  2. Hi

    My problem is nearly the same as you mention… Facebooks censorship is bad, and I have been banned a couple of times by Facebook. That said, there is more interaction on my Facebook page than on my Twitter..

    I also have a Google+ they have censorship too but you don’t get banned. I also have a good response on Google+ – not as good as Facebook though.

    I would love a non censored Facebook – it would be prefered


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