Racing for the Sun! | Scott RedCloud

As we near close to the near of summer, many of us are itching to get the chance to get that dose of vitamin D when ever possible! I for one hand always look forward to this time of year and try to get as much time in the sun as possible. For me, the energy and the radiance of the sun revives me and since we had such a long, cold and harsh winter any sun and warm weather i’m so out there to get as much sun as possible. I don’t know about you but the sun truly energizes me and revitalizes me… the dread of winter… well… let me tell you that to a naturist, winter is the longest and coldest time of year (Especially if your like me from Eastern Canada) is at times … the coldest and longest time of year that like this year we had a lowest low of -49c… to see no wind, no clouds and pure sun at 12°c… you can feel the sun cooking you still! In just 2 hours without sunscreen in 12°c I did feel a burn after 2 hours… on day two i needed aloe moisturizer because the itch was getting out of hand… thats a sign for sunscreen. the UV was 5 or 6. Be careful when you live in the north and get sun. Even if its 12°c the UV when its 6+ can burn you still. Use sunscreen even if its coldish out. You can still burn. Tan right and you will not burn by the middle of summer. Have a safe summer and please enjoy your summer! =)

10 thoughts on “Racing for the Sun! | Scott RedCloud

  1. It’s still cool here in the far East (Newfoundland) with a possible late season snow storm coming this Monday. Damn it! But we’re a tough lot out here, in middle of the north Atlantic. Looking forward to warmer weather ahead.
    There’s an old joke we say over here: we only have two seasons here in Newfoundland, winter and July! That’s not exactly true but the summer here is usually shorter than the rest of the country. All the more reason to make the most of it.

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    • I know exactly what you mean. Here in Montreal summer is very hot for 3 months or so. Then when the cold comes it has its own extremes and lingers for far longer than summer and spring combined. We’re actually lucky that we were able to get out when we did on the 15th of April. That was pure luck for us. Lol


    • Well, it looks like we won’t be getting a snow storm tomorrow after all. But it’s going to be cold, -3 and 37km/h winds, so the windchill will be in the minus teens. Brrrr! When is the first day of spring? Did I miss something?

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  2. I enjoy walking around nude in my own (private) home in the summer, but when I sit down I always put my clothes back on (so that I don’t get my furniture sweaty). I’ve always been curious if I did this at a nudist resort would they kick me out for wearing clothes some of the time? I’ve heard nudists carry towels around, but I find shorts and a T-shirt to be easier to manage.


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