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I posted this as a Facebook status and believe it should now be considered a blog. I feel that it does deserve to be posted on my blogs because it is straight up truth of what I believe in and should be ‘upgraded’ as a such.

The original poll was do you hate clothes or winter more and I think despite the votes this really is truly a difficult poll. yet everyone tends to lean more to the aspect of living a life without the pressure of having to be a sheep of society or having a leash around their necks to follow the governmental heard to be forced to live a life where you have to be shameful of not only your body but to be shameful of it in general. I think this goes for everyone when I say it’s not the human body that is generalized that people are offended by but the media, news, government and religion that want to stereotype to forcibly choose your path to make you believe that you must follow their influence despite how natural it is to be ones self. It’s completely normal to be yourself and nobody should tell you how to live your natural way of life. it has been happening for countless generations beyond count. There is nothing wrong with being naturally nude unless your a preditor of nature.

10 thoughts on “The Black Sheep | The Naturist Page

  1. I plan on getting an all over tan again this summer, but I doubt if I will be a ‘black’ sheep. Hopefully just a dark brown one. Actually, a brown bear, or should I say brown bare, would be a more apt title.
    I detest clothes, but they are necessary during our frigid winters. But I detest even more the attitudes of clothes minded (closed minded) people, who have hang ups about their own bodies and expect you to be the same way. It’s like they never ever seen a nude human body before, yet everybody has one. I wish they would all just grow up and get over it.

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    • The problem is that the majority of humans take their guidance on what is right and what is appropriate by absorbing and internalising the values of the society they happen to live in, rather than thinking things out for themselves from first principles, or alternatively picking up and endorsing rational positions propounded by freethinking individuals.

      The fact that all settled, farming-based traditional societies around the world took on a social taboo about being nude in public is probably not a coincidence. It probably has something to do with the adult male human interest in sex being inappropriately strong and pervasive in the context of a settled, village and town-dwelling society. Over time, in each society, such restrictive taboos tend to self-reinforce in a positive feedback loop until we arrive at the hysterical stances of 19th Century Europe and present-day near and middle east.

      Now we are in a strange situation of intra-societal divergence, in western society. Some of the more rationally minded individuals have come to the conclusion that expression of shock and offence at seeing humans for what we are, a fur-less bipedal hominid with genitalia similar to those of our nearest relatives, is an obsolete hysterical affectation, while the majority cling determinedly on to the non-rational mores that they were brought up with.

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      • The curious thing about sex is, if we see other species doing it, we consider it as nature, but if we see humans doing it, we consider it as porn. Why the discrepancy? Clearly, we have a lot of hang ups about our own sexuality too!


      • We as humans know and understand that there is a time and place for everything. Respectfully, it’s not polite; there would be some people who would take advantage of what your saying by raping innocent people. This is why I stand by what I say when i say that there is a time and place for everything.


  2. I too am a social nudist a full-time year round one in fact. I like living in nudist camps and prefer not having to dress. I think more nudists are open minded about other areas in life socially, politically and emotionally. The most interesting people I have met in my life have been nudists. I’ve also experienced a degree of judgment from people over my choice to be a nudist. Some people believe it’s a sex thing but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a body acceptance thing a statement that says we are all just fine the way we are without adornment. All bodies are inherently good and decent and beautiful just as they are.


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