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AANR Florida’s FB Page made a very good point. “As we all go out to enjoy our weekend let’s remember those who make this possible.” There really should be an annual and official day of awareness to thank and remember who are the people to be thankful to those who made Naturism possible for all of us to be able to enjoy our lives as we do today. Sort of a National Day to thank ALL Naturist Federations who made it possible. After all, they did do so much work and fought so hard for our rights to obtain not just nude beaches but to contribute so that other federations get started such as, campgrounds, resorts and other facilities to be open for nude recreation. Sometimes, we take for granted of these things and don’t realize how hard it was to be able to have these kind of things we now have today. After all, if it was not for them — we would not have these kind of things today. We here at The Naturist Page would like to give a big thanks to all of you, Federation, club, resort, campgrounds and volunteers who you made it come this far and make it possible for today. My hat goes off to you!

Thank You!


10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity

Naked and Happy

Originally posted on Naktiv.net

A lot of us, nudists, have started nudism naturally, as something we wanted to do. We feel comfortable naked. But it’s not the case of all our friends and family. So how do you help people get comfortable with their body and being able to be socially nude? Here are 10 simple steps I came across to share to become 100% comfortable with your own body in your birthday suit.

1-Start in the bathroom
This sounds obvious. Generally, you take a shower or a bath naked. For a lot of people this is the only moment of nudity of the day. Well, take on more step. Once you step out of the shower or the bathtub, stay naked to do what you have to do: brush your teeth, comb your hair, apply some make up, shave, etc. Do this in front of the mirror. You’ll see…

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Blue Hue | The Naturist Page – Video By: BMCTV

A story of a woman in the mountains of Snowdonia connected to nature who loves to feel the elements of nature in her mind and her body. She loves the sensation of not just the cold, but cold water in the mountains; to leave everything behind to appreciate the little things that you would feel tedious. However, she gets the feeling of being alive in the cold; cold water. I find she, in her mind is she loves to be connected to nature nude — While others find it strange that she does this, she feels free, and free-er where she says she feels natural… a way of feeling of being alive. Though some others may find that sensation of being alive in other ways. Regardless, to me she is a true inspirational woman to others who are still locked in that closet struggling to embrace the natural and true beauty of being yourself and breaking the ice to discover yourself.

WATCH: “Blue Hue” http://tv.thebmc.co.uk/video/blue-hue

I’m no writer … yet! | The Naturist Page

I’m really trying on working on my writing skills very much so because I have so much to say but I find I lack the skills necessary to become pro at the moment. But i’m trying my best and find by writing blogs and getting an insight from my wife and followers i’m slowly improving.

I’m no journalist, writer, book writer so im going along by writing blogs to help improve my way of writing. So far I find it is improving but still needs work. One positive thing I have picked up is understanding the method of describing situations that as merely thoughts in my mind to be able to help you re-live the event in my eyes. That is important! I know that now. but if you have any friendly criticism to help me write better, i’m open for friendly criticism.

I look forward to provide you the best experiences in a newbie writer like me and hope that I can better improve your reading when it comes to my blogs. I do know that some of you love to read my blogs even for what they are now and I thank you so very much and hope you continue to give me support and incentive to write more.  Thank you!

Growing up | The Naturist Page

I never was completely accepting to social nudity. My family always was always supportive for the nude life and I was too until I hit 10 or 11 when it became harder to socialize with peers and discuss our lives at home and what we had in common.. my peers would talk about their vacations and trips all the time and they would always talk about their experiences and its when it occurred to me that they spent it with clothes on by the way they told me their story. At one point in had to question why they never disrobed when how they explained it was very hot and humid outside.

It was only then I discovered that not everyone was like me and my family. upon asking such a question I felt like a lone wolf struggling to find an appropriate answer to tell them without feeling like a lone sheep in the herd of animals giving you the deer-in-headlights look. By then it was kinda too late and when the roll of questions rolled in like a super-cell thunder storm came and I wasn’t ready for… a combonation of giggling and question of concern derived just like any textile would ask, what do you mean naked? — Naked!? — are you serious? … etc etc etc… What could I answer, I was just about as confused as they were and needless to say I felt like I said enough that if I tried to explain things further I would only be digging myself deeper to a point where I’d be left flabbergasted on what to say next without the worry of being feeling like im the random person who felt like the odd-ball of the group to have no clue what to say next without burring myself in deeper than I already was. So basically I left it as it was and eventually it blew over after a few years.

It was only when I was 15 when i discovered myself said that the hell with what people think or say what my lifestyle is, im here now and this is what I believe in and this is how I feel is right when I did not give two shits what others say and only in 2011 when I decided to start The Naturist Page to help educate and promote Naturism when it has far more health benefits than being clothed. I do hope that I have influenced others to take my lead to help educate and teach others that nudity isnt sexual… its completely natural and we need your help to educate others as well

History of the invention of clothing | The Naturist Page


Clothing/body lice

There is a study that I was reading and says that Humans First Wore Clothing 170,000 Years Ago, some time after the second-to-last Ice Age that made living the nude life a little too cold for comfort. Before this time, clothing lice or body lice were non-existent until clothing came about in humans. Clothing lice first began to genetically diverge from human head lice. Needless to say, humans are responsible for causing the evolutionary process of head lice into clothing/body lice some 170,000 years ago. (long after humans lost their ape-like body hair.)


100,000 years ago

In Africa, humans survived for hundreds and thousands of years without clothing or body hair because of the practice of using fire when it became cold. It was only when clothing was invented that made it possible to invent new tools and migrate to colder or higher latitudes some 100,000 to 60,000 years ago.

But when did clothing because such a taboo that made it that one must be clothed when in public? Who sexualized the human body that today we are forced to be un-naturally covered up? I wish I had the answer to that question, but I don’t. If I find out the dates or how many years ago and why this came to past i’ll update this blog. Until then i’m stumped. If you have an answer with a reference, email me or message me. I’d love to hear from you.

World Naturist Day | The Naturist Page

WND2015World Naturist Day was first celebrated on June 4th 2006. Though, depending where you’re from, the date will be different depending on your geological location. For instance, if you’re from the southern hemisphere, the celebration of WND would probably be sometime in December — as where the northern hemisphere tends to have these celebrations sometime in June. According to the INF, the UK will be having their celebration on June 28th. Western Cape Naturists Association had theirs on December 14th 2014.

Why is it celebrated you might ask yourself and for that, the reason may be quite obvious. World Naturist Day is celebrated in the practice of social nudity to advocate uplift self-respect for ones self and the respect of others and to the environment. Naturists believe in a clothes free lifestyle environment among like minded people around them.