Bringing back the tan of last year early | The Naturist Page

After a cold long winter I was noticing just like any other person with my skin type — tending to get lighter skin after having to load tons of clothes to wear just to keep warm and not being able to get some natural vitamin  D.

Something different happen to me this spring; I believe it has something to do with how I did my sunbathing last spring to fall. You can read my blog about that here. I spent only 4 days (not in a row) and I’m getting my tan back I had last fall back faster than I got it all last season! Ok, point given… my skin is very itchy and dry. I’m not being stupid by leaving my skin alone. I have a very good moisturizer with aloe and vitamin E by Vaseline. Tanning one whole day and intense moisturizer all day the next, etc.

If I was to compare the darkness of my skin from last fall to the 4 days I did this spring… I guess you could say that I’m 70% to how dark I got by the end of last fall. This is actually new for this to happen because it never did this in the past — well maybe when I was a younger kid.

So here I sit now on my balcony with patio umbrella above me, sitting on my patio chair with feet sprawled up on another chair on the hottest day of this season without a cloud in the sky all day long wishing I spent today in the sun. However, I was a good boy and told myself that my skin needs a day recovery. It was bad enough that I had to go out walking 14km in the sun to run errands.

Starting tomorrow it’s calling for thunderstorms and lots of rain in the forecast. Not to mention it’s going from 30c to 34c to 12c in the next few days. It’s only early May I keep telling myself and there will be plenty of opportunities to be out working on my all over tan and free from the prison lined tan lines!

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