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I never was completely accepting to social nudity. My family always was always supportive for the nude life and I was too until I hit 10 or 11 when it became harder to socialize with peers and discuss our lives at home and what we had in common.. my peers would talk about their vacations and trips all the time and they would always talk about their experiences and its when it occurred to me that they spent it with clothes on by the way they told me their story. At one point in had to question why they never disrobed when how they explained it was very hot and humid outside.

It was only then I discovered that not everyone was like me and my family. upon asking such a question I felt like a lone wolf struggling to find an appropriate answer to tell them without feeling like a lone sheep in the herd of animals giving you the deer-in-headlights look. By then it was kinda too late and when the roll of questions rolled in like a super-cell thunder storm came and I wasn’t ready for… a combonation of giggling and question of concern derived just like any textile would ask, what do you mean naked? — Naked!? — are you serious? … etc etc etc… What could I answer, I was just about as confused as they were and needless to say I felt like I said enough that if I tried to explain things further I would only be digging myself deeper to a point where I’d be left flabbergasted on what to say next without the worry of being feeling like im the random person who felt like the odd-ball of the group to have no clue what to say next without burring myself in deeper than I already was. So basically I left it as it was and eventually it blew over after a few years.

It was only when I was 15 when i discovered myself said that the hell with what people think or say what my lifestyle is, im here now and this is what I believe in and this is how I feel is right when I did not give two shits what others say and only in 2011 when I decided to start The Naturist Page to help educate and promote Naturism when it has far more health benefits than being clothed. I do hope that I have influenced others to take my lead to help educate and teach others that nudity isnt sexual… its completely natural and we need your help to educate others as well


6 thoughts on “Growing up | The Naturist Page

  1. Good for you. I enjoyed reading your blog. I agree follow your inner spirit. I’ve been going to nude beaches and clubs for 25 years now and I agree with you it’s fantastic. Keep on doi,g it.

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  2. I grew up always going nude when the opportunity presented, for eg when I was 8 I started sleeping nude in Summer because I found out that’s what my parents did, at about age 10 or so I remember splashing around in a wading pool (wearing swimmers) with my brother and getting out and laying on my towel and I announced to my mother who was watching my brother and I “I’m going to sunbake nude!” mum just laughed and said “you can if you want” I had got the idea from the girl aged about 19-20 next door who was always sunbaking nude or watering the garden nude….

    Then from about age 13 or so I started going camping with mates and I always got naked to to go swimming with some joining me but usually only after dark and they always got dressed when leaving the water, whereas if it was a hot night I would stay nude all night 🙂

    I didn’t really think much of it, but I knew I was different because not everyone got nude as often as I did…. it was not until about 10yrs ago when I discovered online Nudism… the rest is history 😉

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  3. This year will mark my fourth year being a naturist and thanks to a blog like yours I was able to gain confidence in myself being nude. Your blog is truly inspirational and I hope more people get to enjoy it and learn that being nude is not sexual. Stay Bare. Fabien

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  4. I grew up in a religious home (Salvation Army), the youngest of five children. It wasn’t easy for me but I distinctly remembering the first time I slept in the nude, I was only 8 years old. My mom came into my room and noticed I wasn’t wearing my pyjamas. I told her I didn’t like them because they were uncomfortable and always twisting up around my body. She said “but what if there’s a fire and you have to get out?” I replied “don’t worry, I’ll be the first one out!” She just shook her head and left the room. I’ve been sleeping nude ever since.

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    • I was the same way for the same reasons when I was just as young. It was horrible to sleep in! You’d feel like your all tangled up and feel restricted of movement and always trying to loosen up the PJs to a point where it left you feeling you could not sleep. At that point sleeping nude became more natural for me and going to bed nude was the only option to do.


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