Blue Hue | The Naturist Page – Video By: BMCTV

A story of a woman in the mountains of Snowdonia connected to nature who loves to feel the elements of nature in her mind and her body. She loves the sensation of not just the cold, but cold water in the mountains; to leave everything behind to appreciate the little things that you would feel tedious. However, she gets the feeling of being alive in the cold; cold water. I find she, in her mind is she loves to be connected to nature nude — While others find it strange that she does this, she feels free, and free-er where she says she feels natural… a way of feeling of being alive. Though some others may find that sensation of being alive in other ways. Regardless, to me she is a true inspirational woman to others who are still locked in that closet struggling to embrace the natural and true beauty of being yourself and breaking the ice to discover yourself.

WATCH: “Blue Hue”


5 thoughts on “Blue Hue | The Naturist Page – Video By: BMCTV

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  2. The maker (and ‘star’) of this film first posted it to the outdoor swimming society facebook group earlier this year, having entered it into a competition – she later announced it had won first place for the BMC Women In Mountains Film Competition smile, plus it got the ‘peoples prize’ too!

    Good stuff…

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