Montreal’s WNBR is coming back again this year! | Scott RedCloud

WNBR - FB Event Photo

With the approach of our second time hosting the World Naked Bike Ride approaching, we’re keeping an eye on the weather. A few days ago it was announcing 80% chance of rain however, recent checks of the weather shows that it’s only a 40% chance of light showers. We believe we’ll just go ahead and do the ride since it will be 30°c with the humidity and a little rain isn’t going to bother us when its 30°c outside.

May we remind you that Daniel and I are going to be the pace leaders in front and you’re all to remain behind us (Do not pass us) and follow the traffic rules and police escort. Last year, we had a little issue. Police wants us to try to stick together and NOT fall behind like last years ride (mainly the night ride when people were distracted with the un-cycles doing tricks. This is fine to do when we’re stopped in traffic but PAY ATTENTION when we start moving again. There is a reason why police want us to stick together. Drivers are waiting for us to pass so the flow of car traffic may move along sooner rather than longer when people fall behind. I’m assuming they will have cars behind us, in front of us and on the sides of us to control the traffic flow. Remember that our route is in the middle of heavy downtown traffic so please pay attention.

Finally, I’d like to remind users renting the Bixi bikes that if your going to go nude on the public Bixi bicycles to please have some more respect by either bringing a small hand towel and sitting on it rather than bare butt OR disinfect the seat when you’re done with the Bixi service. (Hygienic purposes)

We hope to see you all there this year and most importantly have FUN!! Daniel and I (Scott) Will be there around 1pm. Wait for me or Daniel to give the OK to disrobe because since yes, we have confirmation to do the ride, we have not yet got the window if we disrobe 30min before or 15min before. Daniel will contact police on Monday the 29th of June to verify this.

*More ass Less Gas!*

*Less Cars, More Bikes!*

*Burn Fat, NOT Oil!*

~Scott RedCloud

10 reasons to be naked socially

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Naked and Happy

Originally published on the NOOK, the Naturist social network

You can be a nudist alone in your home or you can become a social nudist who is nude with others, nude or not. Social nudity is shared by millions of nudists worldwide, whether at home with friends, on a beach, in a nudist resort or camping, in nature while hiking, or just anywhere it’s not illegal to be nude. Here are the 10 reasons I believe are good for anybody to be nude socially.

1. We are all the same
Yes, some are thin, some are fat, some are small, some are big, etc. But in the end, we are all human beings and we have been made on the same mold. So nothing to be scared about. You will notice nobody stares at you, and if it happens, ignore it. If it’s an insisting look, you may want…

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My now mixed textile & nudist Facebook account. | Scott RedCloud

As I wonder what all my textile friends are now thinking after the announcement I did this week by declaring that I was a Naturist/Nudist — I wonder what they are thinking of all the new friends I’ve been adding from my old Scott RedCloud account. This is coming from someone who never just adds just anyone, so new adds to my account are rare. I only add people I can connect with mentally. Then all of a sudden I’ve added a little over 30 people so far and the innocent textile account I once had, now being overrun with nudists. I giggle at this because they are now seeing a whole new side to me they never ever knew about.

On a mature level, I will need to be careful what I post on what is now my mixed textile and nudists account. To slowly get them use to my lifestyle and educate them by debunking what they ‘think’ or ‘stereotype’ are nudists and show them by example and in a respectful manner about true Naturism/Nudism. To do this, I won’t be posting in your face posts with images or liking friends photos with my now mixed account. I’m going to need to start slowly so they can get use to the change and truly see what the lifestyle really is all about. You won’t succeed in this by posting a nude photo of yourself and putting it in an ‘in your face’ way. You’ll only produce a negative vibe or feedback that way.

So far I’ve been working on my mixed Facebook profile with body acceptance posts and other things in that manner. I’m not expecting them to understand the lifestyle overnight so to speak. However, it’s going to take some time before I can go about posting as I did with my Scott RedCloud account. So in the meantime, I have made a public page named, “Scott RedCloud” that you may follow me there. As I respect my textile friends and family by doing this, I feel they will in the long run respect me for my way of bringing it to them slowly. Who knows, maybe.. just maybe I’ll have one of them message me and want to learn more — or better yet, would like to try it with someone they know like me for a foundation to work from.

Recovering from Faceache (Facebook) | The Naturist Page

TNP - LogoI have begun adding some of my friends from my old account to my textile account. So now my textile account is a mix of both. Keep in mind that I will still refrain from posting nudist related links, pics or blogs on that account. However, I did create my public figure page, Scott RedCloud. Follow me there for my regular posts I usually did on my old account.

As for The Naturist Page on Facebook, since my old account was the only Owner/Admin on it with a little over 2,300 followers, it’s risking to be shutdown by Faceache for a 3rd time. Some good news is my textile account controls The Naturist Page – Back-up Site. Please follow my page to keep up to date with my postings there as well. only thing is my back-up site only have 503+ followers at the moment. Spreading the word for me to friends and family will help me recover again in followers. Thanks in advanced, it is very much appreciated!

Breaking the news | Scott RedCloud

Well, I got fed up the other day. Fed up with not only Facebook’s rule forcing people to use their real name but fed up of keeping my lifestyle hidden from my textile friends and family. The other night I posted this on my textile Facebook account:

“I might lose friends and family but I have an announcement to make. I’m gonna know who my real friends and family are with this. Remember how I have been to you the past 30 years to you. Since I’m tired of Facebook’s censorship and their rule to have a real name, I’m a Naturist / Nudist. Much like clothed people we live our lives the same way but clothes free. I believe that clothes are only needed when it’s cold or the weather does not permit. Non-sexual nudity is my way of life. I will not post like in the past of nude related posts but you need to know that I’m a non sexual nudist and believe in being who I am and wish to stop hiding my way of life. Please do not disrespect my way of life. As a nudist we don’t mind if your clothed. Respect the fact of the matter we rather live clothes free. I’d never judge you, I ask you don’t mine.”

The reactions I got were not what I expected. Rather than people sparking jokes or receiving negative feedback, I got quite the opposite reactions. People were saying things like, “You’ll always be my friend and I got your back”, “You go!”, ” I don’t understand the concept exactly, but we are family so I don’t judge. I just think that as long as nobody gets hurt, it’s all good!”, “this are your choice and I respect, live and let live!!”, “there is so much more to you than meets the eye!”, “A few of my bestie’s are naturists and seem to be more at peace within the group.” and “lol awhile ago i was like “does this guy ever put on a shirt” and now i know!”

So for the rest of you when you feel like you’re ready to break the news to family and friends, Just remember that you’ll truly know who your real friends and family are should you decide to make that announcement.

Dancing in the rain | The Naturist Page

A memory sparked up and thought i’d share my experiences with you. I believe I was 17 years old. I was at the Lasalle waterfront — some 200m due east of where the surfers like to catch some river rapid waves during the summer. it was about 35°c with a humidity of 43°c and sunny. It started to get windy while one of my exes and I were just spending some quality time together. for the meantime, we didn’t know it yet, a storm was brewing and we were facing west when the storm was coming from the east.

Munching on my cheetos and sipping water, I was sharing my bag of chips with her overlooking the river just listening to all the nature around us and laughter of others in the distance. It wasn’t long after suddenly the sun hid behind some clouds when it was then I turned to see a shelf like wall cloud approach. The system I was looking at was massive and you’d look at this cloud and it went (from what it looked like) from 4,000ft to 15,000ft right up in the air with a shelf cloud.

Thats when we decided to pack up and begin our way back west towards the bus stop 2km away where we’d take home. It did not take long when loud thunder started and ALL HELL broke loose! With lightning and thunder all around us we soon found ourselves engulfed with rain so hard that it was practically zero visibility and we ended up being so wet that we both agreed that it was pointless to run for shelter because we could not get any more wet than we already were. Since the rain wasn’t cold we just enjoyed the rain as it pounded down that we could no longer see street cars or anyone else for that matter.

Thats when I decided to strip down naked and began running and screaming at the top of my lungs! “WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Shocked but laughing hard, my ex I could hear yelling out at me, “You nut case!!” — It was not too long after as I was running back toward her, I could see she too was disrobing to join in on the fun I was having. I guess she realized by looking around it was zero visibility & seeing how much fun I was having she joined me. Racing across and having a ‘tag your it’ kinda childrens fun, we stopped and just danced in the rain like nobody was watching. It was a really great experience for her — even though she isn’t a nudist that kinda broke the ice for her to try nudism. We never got sexual during this storm but she seemed very comfortable with me in a public park.

As the rain calmed down and we began to see the streets a little more by the min, we dressed and talked about the whole thing at the bus stop. she told me she never did that before and usually would never have done that until she seen the enthusiasm i had and fun that made her basically say, ‘ok! screw this, hes having too much fun for me not to join in on this!” I told her only then I was a nudist and she was actually really cool with it. She soon after wanted to know a lot more about how she said, “This Nudism life style”.

But that will be for a new blog at another time. =)