Facebook demands Government ID before shutting user down

I have the exact same problem as this guy. For this is why my Facebook pages are out of reach!

LA from the Apartment the Size of My Ass

I’ve already sent you information of what has been going on between Facebook and myself. They suspended my personal account without explanation and when I contacted them they demanded a copy of my Government ID to reinstate the page. I refused to give them my ID and demanded an explanation as to why they needed it. Facebook team member, Carmen, emailed me numerous times. She has never given me her last name.

What kind of corporation is represented by employees with no last name?

What kind of corporation refuses to give reasons why they shut their customers down?

What kind of corporation asks for Government ID’s? What if I was from the UK? They don’t have ID cards.

What kind of corporation refuses absolutely to answer any questions as to why I was shut down and why they would need my Government ID?

This email was sent to me:  “Hi…

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2 thoughts on “Facebook demands Government ID before shutting user down

  1. I have previously experienced similar issues – banned because of nudity (or there actually wasn’t much nudity just a bottom cheek).

    They never explain why and they never help you when you ask for help. It is a money machine which is run by narrow-minded people who believe that the human body is something to be ashamed of. Oddly enough allow the mutilation of people etc. on pictures without asking the big questions.

    A social media revolution where people requires the openness back is what we need…

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