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Tired of facebook with their censorship rules? Getting frustrated because you can not use an alias on Facebook because of the Real Name policy? Check out Naktiv: The Nook at It’s a social media like facebook, for Nudists, Naturists and comfortableists(People comfortable with nudity but don’t call themselves nudists, etc)

Naktiv is very active with moderating the site and is a nice alternative from Facebook and is worth at least checking out. May we remind you, that The Nook isn’t a Naturist site! it’s focus is promoting non-sexual and social nudity — but its not a Naturist site.


11 thoughts on “Naktiv: The Nook | The Naturist Page

  1. Not disagreeing with you, but clarification is in order. While we appreciate Naktv Nook’s position, it should be remembered, as the Nook often needs to remind members, “Firstly, this is NOT a naturist site per se, although a great many of our members are nudists of the more classical mould.” Thus it’s understood that the views and opinions expressed there are not necessarily representative of mainstream social nudism, nor are intended to be.

    That could be confusing to the newcomer still struggling to learn the difference between enjoying nakedness in its various aspects and the very specific genre of social nudism. There’s a world of difference!

    As a website geared towards educating the the newcomer, we’re reluctant to recommend this site to newbies, though we do share relevant articles from time to time.

    Naktiv offers “the promotion of non-sexual nakedness”, not social nudism, and that covers a lot of ground that’s in no way related to mainstream nudism/naturism. Hence, to consider it a nudist/naturist website/forum is a misnomer, as Nook agrees.

    We’d suggest that newbies take whatever they see there with a grain of salt, and seek out legitimate nudist/naturist websites to learn about our community. The hard part is to find LEGITIMATE sites!

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  3. Reblogged this on Naked Historia and commented:
    I am a keen supporter of social media for nudists which is not really a sex site claiming to be naturist. The Nook is a genuine naturist community and well worth joining.


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