Recovering from Faceache (Facebook) | The Naturist Page

TNP - LogoI have begun adding some of my friends from my old account to my textile account. So now my textile account is a mix of both. Keep in mind that I will still refrain from posting nudist related links, pics or blogs on that account. However, I did create my public figure page, Scott RedCloud. Follow me there for my regular posts I usually did on my old account.

As for The Naturist Page on Facebook, since my old account was the only Owner/Admin on it with a little over 2,300 followers, it’s risking to be shutdown by Faceache for a 3rd time. Some good news is my textile account controls The Naturist Page – Back-up Site. Please follow my page to keep up to date with my postings there as well. only thing is my back-up site only have 503+ followers at the moment. Spreading the word for me to friends and family will help me recover again in followers. Thanks in advanced, it is very much appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Recovering from Faceache (Facebook) | The Naturist Page

  1. We’re pulling for you, Scott! We applaud your bravery for ‘coming out’ and sympathise with your FB problems. Frankly, it’s been a big load off our minds since dumping FB. It’s just not worth it anymore. A shame, though, since it’s a resource and God knows we in the nudist/naturist community need every outlet we can get to spread the message!

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