My now mixed textile & nudist Facebook account. | Scott RedCloud

As I wonder what all my textile friends are now thinking after the announcement I did this week by declaring that I was a Naturist/Nudist — I wonder what they are thinking of all the new friends I’ve been adding from my old Scott RedCloud account. This is coming from someone who never just adds just anyone, so new adds to my account are rare. I only add people I can connect with mentally. Then all of a sudden I’ve added a little over 30 people so far and the innocent textile account I once had, now being overrun with nudists. I giggle at this because they are now seeing a whole new side to me they never ever knew about.

On a mature level, I will need to be careful what I post on what is now my mixed textile and nudists account. To slowly get them use to my lifestyle and educate them by debunking what they ‘think’ or ‘stereotype’ are nudists and show them by example and in a respectful manner about true Naturism/Nudism. To do this, I won’t be posting in your face posts with images or liking friends photos with my now mixed account. I’m going to need to start slowly so they can get use to the change and truly see what the lifestyle really is all about. You won’t succeed in this by posting a nude photo of yourself and putting it in an ‘in your face’ way. You’ll only produce a negative vibe or feedback that way.

So far I’ve been working on my mixed Facebook profile with body acceptance posts and other things in that manner. I’m not expecting them to understand the lifestyle overnight so to speak. However, it’s going to take some time before I can go about posting as I did with my Scott RedCloud account. So in the meantime, I have made a public page named, “Scott RedCloud” that you may follow me there. As I respect my textile friends and family by doing this, I feel they will in the long run respect me for my way of bringing it to them slowly. Who knows, maybe.. just maybe I’ll have one of them message me and want to learn more — or better yet, would like to try it with someone they know like me for a foundation to work from.


7 thoughts on “My now mixed textile & nudist Facebook account. | Scott RedCloud

  1. Hate to say it but I separate my friends into different friends lists. That way I can still post what I want to yet they only go to appropriate list. Or I post twice to get to separate lists. “Nudist”, “No Nudist Images,”, “LGBT”, and Most importantly “Accepts Me”. Then of course there are the learning exceptions to both which just goes to regular “friends” list.

    I have combined two worlds into one. My other world knows I am a nudist. I clothing optional cover image takes care of that all my itself. Tho only those closer to me on my Geneology, Maine family and friends profile knows. Most of my direct family and select others.

    I am not ashamed of either. Tho as you said I will not slap it in their faces either!!

    BARE HUGS my friend

    Recreation for


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    • I understand where your coming from with that. but I feel that I’ll be ok by doing it the way i’m doing it. My new mindset is as thus, you accept me for who I am or you don’t so to speak but by being respectful about it.


  2. You’re very right to take it slow and easy. Even ‘understanding’ friends have NO idea of what it’s all about, and random ‘new friends’ could be unpredictable. Don’t want to scare folks off!

    Again, we applaud you for this and you’ve inspired me, personally, to be a bit more open on my own personal FB profile. All of our family and most of our friends are well aware of our ‘peculiarity’ and don’t care, but it’s the broader range of ‘friends’ that may not.. Well, they’re learning and the only responses have been positive or nothing. That works for me!

    The more that the Textile world sees that, unknown to them, their friends and neighbors that they like and respect are part of our ‘oddball’ lifestyle, the more legitimacy it gives us. It makes them question their preconceived notions.

    ‘Coming out’ is never easy for any oppressed minority, but numbers DO matter, and acceptance (or at least tolerance) follows as people see that those ‘different’ people are actually ok and no threat. That’s where social nudism is now, and our national organizations are totally failing to make that message clear. They’re too busy promoting resorts and seeking new members in order to continue to do so.

    It’s up to US; no one is going to do it for us. Word of mouth, one person at a time.

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  4. Very sensible way of easing them into your life… I’ve never had that problem luckily as I’ve been on Facebook since 2007 and a lot of my friends are current or ex work colleagues who already know I’m a Nudey

    A high proportion of my other friends are Nudeys that I’ve known from online forums and FB groups etc.

    Then there is a lot of ex school friends who accept my Nudism with a few who I used to go camping with as a kid so they were used to me nuding up when camping 😜

    Then there is my ham radio friends who all know of my Naturist tendacies as on air o make no secret of my lifestyle choice 😃

    I have also got my father inlaw and some of my wife’s relatives and friends as FB friends and they are all accepting too 😉

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