Montreal’s WNBR is coming back again this year! | Scott RedCloud

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With the approach of our second time hosting the World Naked Bike Ride approaching, we’re keeping an eye on the weather. A few days ago it was announcing 80% chance of rain however, recent checks of the weather shows that it’s only a 40% chance of light showers. We believe we’ll just go ahead and do the ride since it will be 30°c with the humidity and a little rain isn’t going to bother us when its 30°c outside.

May we remind you that Daniel and I are going to be the pace leaders in front and you’re all to remain behind us (Do not pass us) and follow the traffic rules and police escort. Last year, we had a little issue. Police wants us to try to stick together and NOT fall behind like last years ride (mainly the night ride when people were distracted with the un-cycles doing tricks. This is fine to do when we’re stopped in traffic but PAY ATTENTION when we start moving again. There is a reason why police want us to stick together. Drivers are waiting for us to pass so the flow of car traffic may move along sooner rather than longer when people fall behind. I’m assuming they will have cars behind us, in front of us and on the sides of us to control the traffic flow. Remember that our route is in the middle of heavy downtown traffic so please pay attention.

Finally, I’d like to remind users renting the Bixi bikes that if your going to go nude on the public Bixi bicycles to please have some more respect by either bringing a small hand towel and sitting on it rather than bare butt OR disinfect the seat when you’re done with the Bixi service. (Hygienic purposes)

We hope to see you all there this year and most importantly have FUN!! Daniel and I (Scott) Will be there around 1pm. Wait for me or Daniel to give the OK to disrobe because since yes, we have confirmation to do the ride, we have not yet got the window if we disrobe 30min before or 15min before. Daniel will contact police on Monday the 29th of June to verify this.

*More ass Less Gas!*

*Less Cars, More Bikes!*

*Burn Fat, NOT Oil!*

~Scott RedCloud


9 thoughts on “Montreal’s WNBR is coming back again this year! | Scott RedCloud

  1. All I have to say is that while I am happy that you guys have organized this, it is just so complicated. I went in 2012 and it was simple. The organizers simply said come and have fun. We got there, disrobed and did the ride. Simple as that. Same thing for Toronto and Vancouver. People just show up and do the ride. But this one in Montreal is so complicated with warnings about using BIXI bikes and warnings about this and warnings about that and warnings about nothing passing the leaders at the front. Can we disrobe before? If so, how long before? Again, no such confusion or complications in Toronto or Vancouver or in Montreal in 2012. People just follow the Police car at the front, its as simple as that.


    • Montreal in 2012 also had only about 40 people doing the daytime Ride. And only about 15 people for the night Ride that year. It may have been ‘simple’, but it was also very poorly advertized – they (poorly) advertized the night Ride as the ‘Midnight Naked Bike Ride’, so I arrived at Philips Square at 11:30pm – only to find that they had started the ‘midnight’ ride at 11pm. I waited around, and saw them return to Philips Square – all 15 of them. It was very difficult to find information about that ride.

      Then in 2013, there were again about 40 people for the day Ride, and 5 people for the night Ride. Yes, 5 people. It was raining lightly that night, but still, 5 people is a pathetic number. Once again, poor advertizing was the reason for such low turnouts.

      Last year was by far the best year since I began following the Montreal Naked Bike Rides in 2011. Last year, there were close to 200 people for the daytime Ride, and even more than that for the night Ride.
      While I agree that there may be too many ‘rules and guidelines’ stated for this ride, and that it would be good to cool down on those, last years numbers indicate that these guys (Scott and Daniel) must be doing several things right.

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      • Awesome reply Steve! Indeed Daniel and Scott are doing the grand majority of things right! But, as you say, maybe a cool down on the rules and guidelines would be a good thing for next years ride.

        Again, its very simple – come, have fun, don’t pass the police car at the front. And show the same social etiquette that every nudist already knows to show i.e. respect and towel on seat. No need to mention any of this since it just happens naturally in every WNBR.


    • To lower the confusion, the rules are like any other WNBR just have been unmentioned is all. As for the Bixi, think about it, it’s just common sense to clean a seat after you use it when your biking naked. its out of courtesy.


      • That’s exactly right! Its common sense to clean a seat after using it. Every nudist knows this and every nudist abides by this etiquette. Therefore no need to mention it…

        Same for passing at the front, obviously nobody is going to pass the police car 😉 In other words nobody is going to just bike away on their own 50 miles ahead of the group so that they are alone, lost and naked in public. Just like every WNBR in every city, people just stay behind the police car, its a simple as that…

        Again, you guys are doing a great job in organizing this, and that is much appreciated, and I agree with Steve that your advertising and outreach of the event is far better than it was from 2009 to 2013, but again, I feel like there are too many rules and guidelines – which as you say are the same for every other WNBR but that they have simply been unmentioned in those rides. So if the other WNBR get by just fine without mentioning these rules and guidelines, why cant the Montreal WNBR get by without mentioning them? Portland in the USA and London, England have the biggest WNBR, with over 1000 riders, and they do just fine without mentioning any such rules 🙂


      • 1, not everyone at the WNBR is a nudist and they do not know the etiquette. and second, they are not to pass Daniel and I — not the police. 3. This is our second time hosting the event and we just want a happy and fun time without having to repeat the guide lines we had to do last year.


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