Stop the body shaming | The Naturist Page

Learn to love your body. You only have one and everyone is beautifully unique! There is no such thing as a bad body unless you think like how news, media and magazines make you forced to think like them. Not one person is the same and we all have war scars that tell a story about what you went through in life. Stop reading them beauty magazines because they are photoshopped, added tons of makeup to make them look the way they do… so… in essence, they are turned from naturally beautiful to a fake. stop the body shame and hate. NOBODY is perfect and that makes it perfectly beautifully unique.


Wreck Beach Posters 2015 are ready!!

Welcome to Wreck Beach!

Wreck-Beach-Skinnydip2015 July 5(Sun.) 2015 Wreck Beach Skinnydip day

Long Weekend is coming… Good thing… Our group photos are going to be ready Tomorrow August 1(Sat.) afternoon!

Wreck-Beach-day2015 July 18(Sat.) Wreck Beach Day 2015

They are going to be available at the Ice Cream stand at the top of Wreck Beach Trail 6!

$3 each or $5 for both.

All the money is for save the environment of Wreck Beach.

Old ones are still available too.

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Naturism and Nudism isn’t sexual! | The Naturist Page

What is with some of the people I come across, who either I meet in person, in chat, people who follow me that claim to promote Naturism and Nudism; are convinced that the act of it is completely sexualized. They have their minds set on sexual photos, videos, close-ups and talk about everything but the true nature of Naturism and Nudism.

I got news for you! What you believe in your lifestyle isn’t what you preach. “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment” ~ International Naturist Federation

Recognize and understand the difference, so you’re not confused with the real definition of true meaning of the lifestyle “Naturism & Nudism”. Yes, course we all have sex but, like in the textile world, there is a time and a place for everything — certainly not in public.

Farmers Almanac this year (2015) | The Naturist Page

Well, the farmers almanac has been pretty accurate for my area in Montreal. It’s been hot yet, very wet. But what’s in store for this winter? So far the farmers almanac isn’t saying anything just yet beyond the month of October. Only time will tell when the farmers almanac updates their site. However, If things stay as they are — We could expect a very snowy east coast and a very dry west coast. going from Canada’s Nova Scotia & Newfoundland/British Columbia to USA’s Florida/California. and it could spell disaster for the already water deprived Californian State and other states nearby. That’s right Boston, NY, Nova-Scotia could see another very snowy Winter like last year. Word has it that places like Boston are still trying to melt the snow they received from last winter! (Ignore the video and read the story. the video has nothing to do with the story)

I do hope my predictions is wrong and the weather changes for the very dry places like California to get the precipitation so very needed this winter in the rocky mountains and over the state to re-fill the river that’s just about gone; someone needs to stop Nestle in BC and California before there is no water left and the land dies.

Well, guess we’re just going to have to wait to see what the farmers almanac has to stay as we approach October. I’ll try keep you posted on new updates!