A Donation for Kids with Cancer | Scott RedCloud

Hair Cancer

20151119_210242[1]So many kids who suffer from cancer have to go through chemotherapy and it brings their spirits down when they loose their hair or having to go bald. I can’t imagine how or what they think, when they think or say they wish they had hair once again.

So I decided to cut my long hair and donate it to the Canadian Children’s Cancer Society for a good cause. Today, I cut off 8 inches of hair and followed the list of steps to take in doing so. Tomorrow I’ll be printing off e-label on a laser printer at a government office to send it for free of shipping in Mississauga Ontario. I guess I can say Merry Christmas from Scott RedCloud to you my child and hope it makes you smile and bring your spirits up and all the best in beating your cancer.

I could not find a better reason to do this because I’m a very caring person and often think of others before myself. I do not need a thank you, all I want is a smile and knowing that I made your day is thanks enough for me.

~Scott RedCloud


Naturist Community | The Naturist Page


Ed Clarke

Photo: Ed Clarke

Ed Clarke, the founder/admin for Naturist Community social media website started his website back in September of 2010 in the United Kingdom. His idea on creating the website for genuine Naturists derived when he was on a trip in Lanzarote where he meet a few Naturists in Famara he made a few friends with and asked them if they could add him to Facebook. It’s always a good idea to keep in touch with new friends via social media, it was another thing for Naturists we all know too well about Facebook’s policy on showing skin online. His new friends told him that they do not use Facebook for that reason; they were tired of having their photos from being removed.

He set out to create a website with the environment for genuine Naturists, and genuine Naturists only where friends could stay in contact with each other and not having to worry about being penalized for the display of the human body. Though, naturally, the site will not allow or tolerate porn/sexual based images, close ups of genitals, etc.

Ed was aware that their were already a few sites out there designed for Naturists — however, they seemed to just let EVERYONE join. That these sites tend to find that it’s all about the number of members, rather than genuine Naturists. I think this is a great way to better control a good site and keeping it clean. Ed told me he gets a lot of member requests every day, but only a handful would make the cut to be allowed on the site. New sign-ups are required to be approved by an admin before they can access the website.

Ed’s main objective was to create a safe environment for Naturist Community users, which is why the site will not index member profiles, images etc. The only thing the site will allow search engines index are events, the fourms and pages created within the Naturist Community website.

My personal experience on the site is nothing but a feel good place to be; Ed and the admins are very nice and social. The users that I did come across were very humble and easy to get along with. My wife Amber created an account as well and even likes the site and the people on it.

I would recommend the Naturist Community website to my friends and family. Check them out, you wont be disappointed. Also, if you want to drop me a hello, my username on the site is RedNative(TNP). You can also find me in the chatroom!

Movember | The Naturist Page

Movember is a time of the year where it raises mens health awareness for prostate cancer and other health issues. I’m not one to grow a moustache because I hate facial & pubic hair … but for a one time deal I decided to take part in the no shave November month just for kicks and giggles. It’s hard enough for me as a Native American to grow facial hair and it does take a longer time than usual for me. Though for a good cause I decide to take the plunge and try it for one time in my life.

Knowing it’s usually a time and cause to raise money for the cause .. I can’t afford to do it for it’s main cause I choose to do it on my own behalf to encourage others to donate because its for a good cause. If you Google ‘Movember’ you’ll get a detailed description of why annually its promoted.

That been said, i’ll be taking a photo once a day for the whole month to record my progress. I hate beards so naturally I’ll only be recording my moustache progress along the way. On November 1st I shaved and we’ll see the progress from Nov 1st to Dec 1st..