What’s wrong with people? | The Naturist Page

I’ve come across an article where people are making a fuss over parents bathing with their kids or on Santa’s lap while breast feeding and Santa’s expression was eyes wide and a “OMG” expression on his face with their kids and taking photos in the most normal fashion. It’s not like they are being lewd or anything of that nature, so why the fuss? We were all born naked and if your anything like me, after 37 years of being a Naturist — you see one naked body you seen them all. It’s time for people to realize that it’s completely normal for us to expose any part of our body. what is not to be done is publicly explicit our bodies and publicly have sex or any other of such nature is wrong. Keep them things behind closed doors/walls. Naturism or Nudism isn’t about sexually exploiting or actions with the body. In a nut shell, Naturism is exactly the same lifestyle as textiles. The only difference is, we as Naturists are clothes-free and comfortable in our own skin.


8 thoughts on “What’s wrong with people? | The Naturist Page

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  3. Quite true and it’s getting worse. The paedophiles and the sickos are not the naturists they’re the clothes people at home and at work who look at websites with porn and sick images. They are the ones who think naturism=sex. That’s why I used my own photos in my blogs or commons photos just to show that what you see is us just a truly naturist couple.

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  4. The problems are caused by the influence of organised religion where kids are abused by having to study “holy” texts, where the genders are not treated equally, where LGBT persons are not welcome, and in many cases children are force married young or grossly abused by “trusted” clergy, depending on which religious grouping it is.
    While of course claiming the “moral” high ground and condemning anything where a bit of female flesh or male genitalia is exposed.
    Organised religious groups are also responsible for creating the environment where differences of opinion, or doctrine, create most of the worlds dangerous and destructive armed conflicts, while sitting back and calmly saying it is wrong.
    Religious groupings must lose much of their power and influence before we can have a sensible and sane happy comfortable lifestyle!

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