Fed-up with Facebook’s nudity policy | The Naturist Page


Well, I’ve been blocked again and I did do a LIVE Stream via Periscope but the vLog will only be available for 24hrs from the time of broadcast. This is why I’m writing you this blog. I was blocked for 30 days for sharing a post FCN made and earlier I was blocked for another share INF made for 24hours. Yet, when I report a porn page or some posts Facebook comes back and says it does not violate the terms of service! Twitter does not have a problem with Naturist photos and videos.

I’m still keeping my Facebook Page and Group, however, If you want to keep being informed of our news, events, blogs, reviews, etc — you can still follow us on Twitter, WordPress, Vimeo, and Periscope. What I will be doing with my Facebook page and group is to post minimal stuff and try and get people to mostly follow my WordPress and Twitter pages.


11 thoughts on “Fed-up with Facebook’s nudity policy | The Naturist Page

  1. They are totally inconsistent and what is shocking is they will ban naturists but not violent posts, promoting rape or terrorist acts. You are right in going bigger on twitter and WordPress, however, FB is still a large contributor of readers, so need to strike the right balance. Not sure they will get better in the future…

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  2. Same here, Facebook is inconsistent because they will allow post that is violent, promoting rape or terrorist acts. But if you speak ill of a Facebook Special interest group, they will delete your post and ban you for a curtain amount of time. That’s why I got fed up with Facebook and relegated Facebook as a last resort for social media. It’s why I have shifted to Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress. Facebook is simply on the decline and starving off the the fact that sooner or later, they will wind up like Myspace. It’s why Google Plus and twitter is my primary social media, while Facebook is my last resort.

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  3. I manage the page “this world needs to be nude-friendly” on Facebook and have gotten about five times put on Facebook jail too. One was last November over a nudist couple saying that criminalizing public nudity is wrong, then I couldn’t be on Facebook for 24 hours. I tried posting a picture too of an innocent father and his daughters swimming nude and it wouldn’t let me, in March, and for one week I couldn’t post any further pics. In April I posted an image of the Simpsons being nude, that I found on someone else’s Facebook private timeline, then about a day after I posted on the Facebook page I manage I got a message that for 30 days I could not post anything on Facebook, just have my Facebook visible but not able to post anything. Now I am on the same position until July 7th due to an innocent picture of cartoons of nudist families. What’s wrong with Facebook, like with the media and movies of allowing horrific content instead of simple nudity? I have had five non-nude pics deleted supposedly for sexual solicitations but they aren’t even sexual! If this continues I will then leave Facebook for good, though I have thought of making a backup profile on FB due to connecting with friends and family. I definitely post full nudes on Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and WordPress. If this continues I will leave Facebook for good and abandon it like with MySpace or Xanga. Facebook needs to change, if it doesn’t I will have to stay on the other nude-friendly social networks instead.

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  4. They live in some form of bubble. I’ve also been blocked and banned on several occasions. Strangely they promote sex, violence, cruelty, weapons and war. I think with strength in numbers we can push the walls down. For weeks I decided to not use Facebook again but then I thought to myself I don’t want these fools to think what they do is right so I created a duplicate profile. AC

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  5. To those of you complaining about being in Facebook jail: I hope you understand that this only happened because someone reported your post. I post full frontal nudity in Facebook with no problem. It’s on a secret FB group. I control the group membership. If you trust your members to not report any post, you can get away with posting anything.


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