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While some people have it better than others, being raised in a Naturist/Nudist family. Not everyone has the luxury of a clothing optional house growing up with their parents, roommates and sometimes even their spouse. This topic has been around since nudism has begun. However it was a lot more open in the 60’s with the peace & love movement of the hippies and woodstock. I can give you my humble opinion what options you have to make your life style a little more easier.

Some people are what are called closet nudists. No, i’m not talk about people who lock themselves in their closet, but the type who in the comforts of their bedroom is the only place they feel they can be nude. This is perfectly fine, so don’t think or feel it’s degrading at anytime. In fact it’s a great way to discover your body-acceptance in a comfortable level that you can freely be yourself or test the waters if Nudism is for you in the comfort of your own bedroom. One thing you might want to consider is if you’re not ready to let the other(s) know that you’re a nudist is to always have something to cover up next to you and ask them that if your door is closed to knock and allow you answer the door. Tell them you’d like their respect when your door is closed… also might consider a chain lock on your bedroom door to help prevent unexpected surprises.

Though that may be good for you — you may eventually consider talking to who you’re living with and explain to them you’re a nudist. Make sure they understand this does not mean you like to lock yourself in the bedroom doing naughty things because that is not what true Naturism/Nudism is about. Tell them it’s a way of life and that it’s completely non-sexual. Sometimes they will still be a bit confused after that been said, so you can support that last statement by explaining to them that the lifestyle is exactly as they are with being clothed. Except the only difference is, you rather live clothesfree. In most cases this approach will give you the mutual respect needed on both parties.

If you succeed with that, there is two other steps with living with another who isn’t a nudist. This is the harder one. After they have been educated on your lifestyle and they understand that it’s non sexual and have become comfortable with you being nude in your room and you have been respectful back you can then approach them with one last final question. Ask them if they are comfortable with nudity and not offended if they were to see you walking from your room to the bathroom or to have a shower. If they are ok with that, give it some more time before you can finally ask if they didn’t mind and would be comfortable if you were to be freely to walk around the house just like anyone else would in the nude. Hopefully if they say they are fine with it. Also, always remember the golden rule to sit on a towel anywhere you you are sitting. It’s for sanitary reasons and he/she will have a better respect for your life choices.

If all else fails, then the only option that will not always work for everyone, is if you’re living with your parents to wait until you move out and get your own place where it’s your house, your rules.

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