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So what’s the difference? I just had an intelligent conversation with a friend of mine about this and yes, we did share different views on this subject, but you know what? Really, after a long conversation with my friend Yvonne, it all came down to this…

In the Nudist/Naturist community there is no difference between the two because they mean the exact same thing. however, the main hiccup in society with textiles is they really get them two confused. Sure, you can google search the two and find very different results but this is why I’m sitting here writing this and you’re reading this. Textiles tend to use the term Nudist and others Naturist — but is there really a difference between the two terms? Nope! They actually mean the same thing and even people who are jaded know this yet prefer the term Naturist when people ask if they are a nudist.

Call yourself anything you want. Naturist, Nudist … it all comes down to the same thing. Whether you call yourself a Nudist or a Naturist we are all simply comfortable in our own skin and happy and naked. I know a friend of mind who was blocked by Naturist UK over a tedious poll. the voting choices were simply as follows:


And guess what happen when she replied, “What’s the difference, as long as everyone is naked and happy” She was blocked by Naturist UK for a simple comment as such and to me in my mind that was uncalled for, for Naturist UK to block over a common comment most Naturists make all the time. to be happy and naked isn’t a term that is negative.

What Naturist UK does not realize is the one they blocked someone over this normal comment. They are a Naturist community here in Canada and are well-known to us and the area of Ontario and Quebec. A new Campgrounds but a really respected campgrounds in my opinion. I just wish the Federation of Canadian Naturists would recognize them and help them out as much as they did and always have with Bare Oaks Naturist Park.

I think it’s time to think out of the box and not just focus on one resort/campgrounds and help new communities like Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and other communities out west as well. I know someone out west by the ails of Rusty who resides in the BC and have been forever asking the FCN to help out west and they will not seem to lift a finger for our western Nudists. I think we should do like AANR and have an east and west FCN to better help and support resorts/campgrounds ect. Quebec was fortunate to have the Federation of Quebec Naturists (FQN) to help out Quebec. However I feel its time to have a FCN-East and FCN-West

I’m sorry that this ended up to be two blog in one but I felt it was necessary to mention this all in one blog for a friend of mine.

19 thoughts on “Nudist or Naturist? | The Naturist Page

  1. Yes, both words mean the same thing, but I tend to use “naturist” rather than “nudist” because “naturist” is less-likely to draw a negative-response, particularly among Christians. At least two people have told me “You can’t be a nudist and a Christian”. One man even launched into a tirade and told me “You need to repent and get right with God”. Excuse me!!! Who made them my judge? BTW, in the latter case, I was on my way to lead the Easter Celebration Service at Cypress Cove.

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  2. I agree that people now use both “nudist” and “naturist” as interchangeable but it was not always that way. In the beginning, naturists talked about practising nudism as part of naturism. The “nudism” was about nudity. “Naturism” was about much more. But it can’t be helped that those differences in meaning have been lost. That’s why I’ve introduced the concept of “recreational naturism” and “ethical naturism”. Or if you prefer, you could say “recreational nudism” and “ethical nudism”. You can read about it here:

    With regards to the FCN, I do appreciate the support Bare Oaks received but I am quite certain that we would have made it even without them. And the FCN has benefited from significant support from Bare Oaks.

    As far as western support is concerned, I’m no longer involved in the FCN direction and have not been for several years, but I do know that there was always a shortage of volunteers from the west. Many of the naturist activists out west are involved in WCANR instead of the FCN. Without western volunteers, how can the FCN have an effective impact out west? They definitely do not have the budget to travel that far. It is difficult to make an impact without a presence.

    Western Canada needs some dedicated people to develop naturism out there. The population of Alberta and BC could easily support several big naturist resorts. BC once led Canada in terms of naturist clubs but is now a distant third behind Quebec and Ontario. The potential is there to be number one. It just takes a few people with vision, determination, a bit of expertise and access to financial resources.

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  3. I’m afraid this is in need of some serious proofreading. It’s barely coherent, has several spelling mistakes and changes topic in the middle of a paragraph. If you’re going to invite people to read your material, and you want to influence opinion, you need to give more attention to presentation.

    As for that NaturistUK site, which I’d never seen before, I went and looked at it wondering “What are the chances this will be another ‘naturist’ site festooned with images of pretty girls?” And yes, that’s what it is. In my humble but correct opinion, it’s not worth anyone’s time.


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  5. I don’t really use the term “naturist” because I feel like it implies appreciating nature rather than going nude. I have proposed alternative terms, too, and love the term “gymnosophist”. Some argue that naturism implies nudism plus a philosophy, others say nudism is going nude anywhere as naturism, hence the name, is only about being nude in natural areas. But I want to end the debate as to whether they should be used interchangeably, as synonyms, or if they’re going to be different. We need to unite to end this debate. I personally don’t see negative connotations from “nudist”, unlike others who say it implies negative things about nudist, I actually find naturist to have more negative connotations. (no offense to anyone here). Randall Hoggs said he is not a naturist, nudist, streaker or exhibitionist, as labels are for clothes. Just like I don’t like “private parts”, “privates”, or “intimate parts”, I feel like we ought to end the debate on what to do with nudist/naturist to refer to going nude non-sexually. Well, can a British say “naturist” while American uses “nudist”, like “elevator” for American English and “lift” for British English, for example, or “odor” in American/”odour” for British, but then Commonwealth English is used for British, too, while American can be alone or a few other English speaking countries. But then nudist and naturist are also used throughout anyone speaking English. I am a native Spanish speaker, and have noticed “nudista” and “naturista” in Spanish are used throughout Spanish-speaking countries as one and the same. However, in French, naturiste is used frequently more than nudiste., for one, puts naturist in its second definition as a nudist. Why then do I see websites on saying “nudists and naturists” rather than one in the same? They can be the same or different. I see alternative terms said, like “skinny dipping”, “sunning”, “clothes free”, and “social nudity”, but I find just about all of those too vague. For one, already we use sunning for nude sunbathing and skinny dipping for nude swimming though chunky dunking has been proposed to imply swimming naked for a person not skinny. The problem with nudist and naturist is that I see the two used differently at least sometimes and without coming to an agreement on what to do to the terms. Other terms as synonymous like huge and enormous, die and perish, limpid and clean, hatred and detestation get used as one and the same, but should we do the same with nudist and naturist? Different countries use different terms, like Mexican Nudist Federation or French Naturist Federation, in their respective languages in Spanish and French. However, I do ask and wonder why there are people preferring naturist, in my opinion I don’t find it very attractive. I know there are websites and social media pages/accounts calling themselves “nudist” or “naturist” but are an excuse for porn and can’t stand that. I see that on Twitter, Tumblr, and even Facebook. (yes, Tumblr is nude-friendly too.) We gotta be careful with the porn sites claiming to be nudist or naturist. I have seen “nakedism” as synonymous with nudism or naturism, so that can be used alternatively to nudism and naturism. I love gymnosophy and gymnosophist because “gymno-” means “naked” in Greek as a prefix, naked as without clothes. I want to, in short, see this: end this debate on what to do with naturist/nudist in referring to being nude (if they’re similar or different, if similar use them synonymously, if different see how to use them differently); come up with alternative terms instead to refer to going nude not for sexual reasons.


    • The term “Gymnosophy” was first popularized the American, Dr. Maurice Parmelee, in his 1927 book “The New Gymnosophy”. Interestingly, the next edition in 1929 was titled on the cover as “Nudity in Modern Life”. Then the 1931 and later versions became “Nudism in Modern Life”. But he continued talking about “gymnosophy” inside the book. I’m guessing that he found the “gymnosophy” term too confusing for the general public and may have felt it limited sales.

      Given that this book was very popular in the USA (there were several editions printed into the 1950s) it might explain why the term “nudism” is so widely used in the United States but not in Europe.

      Personally, I prefer “naturism” because both “nudism” and “gymnosophy” imply that the objective of the movement is nudity. The philosophy I believe in is the one that goes back to early twentieth-century France and Germany where nudity is simply the tool that helps people accept who they are, show respect for others, and live a more natural life. It is the philosophy that Parmelee espoused in his book but preferred calling “gymnosophy” because at that time, “naturist” was used by a specific group of people who believed in social nudity but also going back to nature. Parmelee did not believe that it was necessary to live a primitive life to achieve the goals he championed.

      I understand that both “naturism” and “nudism” have been misappropriated by pornographers. But that will be true of any new term adopted. Even FKK is now being misused by brothels. See:

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  6. I prefer to myself as a naturist just because I do most of my experiences and exercise outside. I think when people people hear the term “nudist”, they think of that person to be nude 24/7 at anywhere and anytime…which sometimes is not always the case. Just my thought.


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