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I was sitting here sipping my coffee looking out the window trying to think of a place next week to sunbathe, without offending someone who might end up calling me out and getting the police involved. I thought about it for a moment when Germany came to mind.

Germany has for around two years now have set up 6 official urban naked zones. Munich, Englischer has two places and Isar River Garten does as well. Because Germans do not make other people feel uncomfortable in their nakedness and unlike western countries that have taboos around public nudity. Germans accept no link between sexuality and the naked body.

I thought about it for a while. Where in Montreal would be a good spot for an urban naked zone. The only places I could think of was maybe somewhere on Mount Royal (Tam-Tams maybe or elsewhere) or Parc Angrignon. The main hiccup with this idea is how people would handle seeing the naked body. Whereas Germany does not find nudity a problem at all and will not be offended unless you make it sexualized.

I also feel that it’s not just Montreal that we should be wishing for more urban nude zones, but across Canada, USA, UK, etc — I think we should see these kind of zones everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Montreal needs an Official ‘Urban Naked Zone’ | The Naturist Page

  1. Denver needs one too. In fact, an urban naked zone would benefit all major cities! Hmmm… Cheesman Park here would make a good one; but it still has a reputation as a “cruising zone.” Yet maybe if folks saw nude folks just being themselves, doing things others normally do in parks, like sunbathing or playing football or picnicking…

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    • I agree totally! There ought to be at least one spot in every major community where people can be nude.

      There’s a back section of a local park, here in St. John’s, Newfoundland, called Bowring Park, where there is a triple set of natural deep plunging pools in the Waterford River. The local name for the spot is ‘The Capsules’. Many, many years ago, when I was a teenager, before they put in an extensive trail system back there, people often swam and dived into those pools in the nude. There’s also some nice large rocks you can lie on and a small beach by the lower pool. But now it is too easily accessible and the seclusion is gone. I wish it could still be used that same way though! It will take a major change in attitudes I’m afraid. We just don’t have the European attitude and sensibility here.

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  3. I’ve thought of the same but here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with all the big parks scattered in this big city, some of them, the largest could and should have clothing optional areas.

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