World Naked Bike Ride: Montreal 2016 (Daytime)


The world naked bike ride day time went off pretty well this year. As I stepped down as the co-organizer ‘for now’ due to being a little too busy in my life, Daniel did organize this ride very well.

With around 30 people this year, I was hoping for more people and a better gender balance. Out of the 30 there were only 3 females this year. I’m really not sure why — except the fact maybe they are shy with all the media and the cameras.

None the less, people came and participated in the ride for the cause of security for awareness of cyclists vs cars, body acceptance, body image and promote the human body. I’ve seen comments in news articles where people are disgusted with the whole nudity thing and I have one message for them. The human body isn’t something to be disgusted by. We all have one and it’s time for these people to wake up and realize that everyone is beautifully unique. I’m pretty sure textiles like you would have comments about your body as well. We’re not here to impress people — nor make them feel the opposite. Part of the world naked bike ride as i mentioned is about body acceptance.

The ride took off at 2pm with police escort protecting us from the busy traffic and construction along the route. Jade this year was a very big help with… even if he didn’t realize, co-organize the event with his strong charisma by letting people know what was going to happen and translate it perfectly to the riders.

Jade is a very good vLogger with his own productions and I was happy that he was able to help out this year. Thank you very much Jade!

After the first pass we had a random individual join us from the sidelines — debating fast, he stripped off fast before we passed him, he join us! Bravo!

I think the most powerful street we drove through was Cresent street. The main street where the night life is and the bars, clubs, etc. People there would cheer us on as if we were at some sports game! the vibe was strong there.

Looking forward to the nighttime ride that will happen August 6th at 9pm! Come join us! The  is much better to go to if your shy about being natural (nude); moreover, you DO NOT HAVE TO BE NAKED TO PARTICIPATE! Join us for the cause and most of all, have a fun ride!