Daylight Savings Time: Nov. 6th 2016 | The Naturist Page

clock-spiral_largeIt’s that time of year again. Clocks go back an hour November 6th at 2am for many of us around the globe. Not all countries do the whole daylight savings time. To be honest, I wish we didn’t have to do this two times a year. It’s pointless in my opinion.

Do you feel it is or is not important for daylight savings time? Why or why not? comment below!


5 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time: Nov. 6th 2016 | The Naturist Page

  1. I agree. What is the point of taking away an hour in the spring and adding it back in the fall? In my area, high noon is about 12:30 pm on standard time and 1:30 pm on daylight savings time. Should just leave standard time and stop doing daylight savings time.

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  2. I’m a programmer and DST is very much a pain in my back. Not just because I have to observe it, but also because I need to adapt my programs to observe it where it is observed, and not where it isn’t. Not to mention how badly it influences my circadian rhythm every time the clock changes, in whichever direction.


  3. I’d like to drop it. Supposedly people shop more after work if it is still light, so retail businesses support it. I don’t like the government telling me to change my daily schedule!

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