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It’s not all that easy when it comes to finding like-minded peers in Montreal to be able to consider as friends when it comes to the Naturist lifestyle. The reason for this maybe more me, however, this same fear or anxiety that I have might be shared with others having this same concern.

keyboard-120307[1]I have been in the chatrooms, meetup groups, searching Facebook groups to find people who I can relate with — with no real success. Don’t get me wrong, I have found many friends online who I can relate with. the only problem is, they live very far away. I have trusted Naturist friends in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. Just none close enough to the Montreal region. I use to have two good Naturist friends. (Alex and Jean) I now just have Jean, since Alex has retired and has been traveling across the USA and Canada now with his new partner Betty.

The problem I have with associating myself with other people is they claim to be a Naturist… upon further evaluation of the individual, I usually find out they are not in to the lifestyle for the right reasons. Usually they are more on the sexual side of the lifestyle instead of being serious in to the lifestyle. Being a male, even I’m getting targeted by these kind of people. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a female. It’s no wonder there are more men in Naturism rather than their being a balance when it comes naturism.

naturism1[1]There is always that fear of people who do not share the simplicity of the fact that Naturism does not equal sexual acts or gestures. These individuals need to learn that Naturism is the same lifestyle as the clothed life, only that we as Naturists simply rather live clothed free with no intentions of being like the media, news or the uneducated public like to portray what nudity is.

facebook-friends-ftr[1]This is why I have issues with making Naturist friends. I might be very critical when it comes to making family friends, I might be too strict, but I’m doing it for the right reasons to protect not only myself, but my family as well.

When looking for new Naturist friends, the main keys to look for are body language (big pointer there), conversation (are they serious? are they being suggestive?), keeping on topic (do they take interest in the conversation or do they keep changing topics), Are they able to have a conversation and keep to the topic when it has nothing to do with nudity? Last but certainly not least — EYE CONTACT! These are just a handful of things to analyze when attempting to make a new friend of the family.


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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed, but maybe there are issues (as there often are in Quebec, I suppose) of language and culture. Are you limiting yourself to English-speaking friends, or can you communicate in French? I can remember enough of my high-school French to read French websites, and I’ve found that the FQN (Fédération Québécoise de Naturisme) has a pretty good discussion group. They organize activities and socialize among themselves, and they definitely aren’t out looking for sexual partners. Most of all, they seem to be intelligent people, who have ideas about what naturism is and ought to be. Were I in Montreal, I’d start there. I’d even do it with my fragmentary French, which they’d find very amusing!

    I live in the area of Boston, Massachusetts and I’m happy to say there are a few naturists around here, mostly members of the Naturist Society, enough of us that we can have occasional social events and outings. Also, including others from adjacent states, we’ve put together a hiking group which has several trips a year, including a week where we rent a house and explore some selected region–this year it was “Hunting Waterfalls in the Catskills” (that’s in New York State). I’m sure there are naturists hiding in Montreal; your problem is just finding them.

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  2. We think that in order to make naturist friends, the best way is still to join a local club or organisation. When there is one in the neighbourhood of course.
    Searching for friends online can be very tiring because, as you said, there are many people with the wrong intentions.

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  3. I know how you feel man. It hasn’t been easy to make a lot of naturist friends myself, especially as I live in such a remote area in Northern Michigan. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here, but it’s not easy opening up to many around here about that I’m a naturist, and my nearest club is over 2 hours away.

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  4. It’s funny, I’m originally from Montreal and now living in Halifax. I was Montreal to visit my family a few weeks ago and stopped by to see a close friend for the day. He knows I am a naturist as we have discussed the subject often. Although he is not in that lifestyle he allowed me to be be naked while we were in the pool. I totally understand your viewpoint on making friends who would share your views on naturism. I have joined a group here in Halifax and enjoy getting together for skinny dipping; either in winter when we rent a pool or during the summer where we find a secluded lake or go to the local nude beach.I hope you do get to find true naturists in your area. All the best. Fabien


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