How to deal with nude-beach harassment | The Naturist Page[1]

This article by Raphael Lee Cass, Byron Bay has some great pointers. I’ve had to do similar at Okapulco Beach by a group of us pulling this wanker out of a tree and kicking him off the beach without his clothes and asked him to never return. 

Paul Spooner takes the easy way out, proposing to cancel the clothing-optional beach near Grays Lane. But effort is needed to fix the issues there.

If someone assaults a person at an AFL game the local council doesn’t cancel the matches. Sexual assault needs to be stopped. Lying naked on the sand doesn’t mean your head is in it; and has nothing to do with assault.

The issue is about protecting ourselves from unwell people. Last Tuesday a naked Swedish tourist was at North Beach. A naked man came up and sat close to her, asking questions. She looked distressed and uncomfortable. A male nudist [MN] suspicious of the man’s intentions went over and asked why he was sitting so close. Within seconds he left.

I spoke to MN. He suggested five techniques:

1. Wave an unwanted visitor away 2. If they don’t leave, tell them to leave 3. If they don’t leave, pick up your phone and tell them you will call the police 4. If they don’t leave, call out for help from other beachgoers then take a photo of them 5. If he doesn’t leave, call the police.

This is about empowerment. Naturists say that nudity is not about sex.

For men, it’s about protecting the women in our community. If you see a woman being harassed, tell the harasser to go away. Get support from other people. Take photos. If all else fails, call the police – remembering it takes time for their arrival.

As a community, we must deal with this problem.

If we’re to create a balance in Naturism with males to females it’s all about respect and stepping in when needed and the removal of prudes, sexual harassment, cruisers, etc. Help by making the women feel safe where they feel they can always feel that we’re there for them when such events occur. In some cases, some women don’t need help and can take it upon their own to take care of the situation on their own and really embarrass the offender in a manner that can be amusing to see.

3 thoughts on “How to deal with nude-beach harassment | The Naturist Page

  1. Nudism

    So why is this not the normal practice in the USA. Thousands of nudist exist in America but we still don’t have the freedoms of other countries. If we accept nudism it would change the social problems of America. Like sexual disorders, self image and body acceptance, improving self esteem. But this would also mean parents would need to actually do their jobs of teaching their children about sexuality and body acceptance. And actually make choices to involve themselves with the decisions of their teens and monitor their activities. All this is easier with the basic lifestyle that nudism brings into context. Religion has a big part of issues here in America. Of course people have miss quoted and miss understood the Bible. This alone has keep all of humanity in the dark. God has used nudity (naked or clothing) to represent the sins of man and the hardness of mans heart, not the literal fact of mans state of being. And clothes make a statement of status. But nude we all are the same. The shame or guilt a person has is from the pressure of culture using religion to control everyone. If we are all nude we will give into our sexual desires. Actually it has the opposite reaction. The more you see natural nude bodies the more we are unaffected by the human form and can actually enjoy the beauty God mad in human kind. But we people by denying the truth of God and the good he made in us we make ourselves slaves to our sins. A child is born without fear of body image or sexual desire. They always try to strip down and run and play. But society shames and chastises that child until it has the fears of that society.

    What happens if we change societal image. Look at Europe. Most European countries allow nudism in parks and beaches. Effects on society are less worry and sexual crimes. Studies have proven this fact. U.S studies have excluded communes of the sixties. But if we change the way we live that changes the control on society. That’s another argument. But look at the nudist groups in America, most are small and only in wormier and more populated areas of the country. This also is due to societal control by the Laws State to state. The fear of church communities and general ignorance of people. If we change the laws make them voted by the reasonable use and education of people and not the force of just a few people might just be the healing stone we need. The people need to take bake their freedom to live free from tyranny. But as individuals nudist have been falsely prosecuted by church and government because of individuals who think they are protecting us from harmful situations that don’t exist if people arm themselves with true facts.

    But at the same time the United states has made it worst in most cases due to the freedom of the adult entertainment industry. And makes it hard to reason with society. The Internet is flooded with adult images posing as nudist. But the fact is sexuality has nothing to due with nudity. And again we need to get the true facts of non-sexual nudism out to the public. If all people see is sex they believe this exposes families to sexual predators. All nudist groups make sure this will not happen. And the longer healthy non sexual nudity is publicized the less there will be issues with sexual predators due to education and changes in the law. No new problems arise due to the fact there here and we need to change these facts anyway. Bringing back the freedom to practice life as we see fit and the true word of God. Because we change the way we live as a hole.

    Another thing we need to acknowledge is the lack of nudism publicly practice by persons of color. Being out at beaches nude beaches or holistic retreats. We do find some people of color, but as many as we should. When I question people we find that there is lack of proper information. My followers on social media tell me they want to participate but don’t know where to go. And once again like I have said don’t feel comfortable going alone. We as a people always feel strange going to new places or into new situations. Upon arrival you are stared at, this may be because you are the first person of color in the nude people have seen. America has myths and phobias of other cultures. This is because people have not gotten to really know or hang out with their neighbors. I have been told there are no problems that people of color do frequent nude facilities, and I say one or two couples that are members is not the status quo. Or they say it’s a religious thing. That is also false. Look at the media there are more nude models and actors of color going nude all the time. But once again due to the porn industry the black image is presented as pornography not natural. I have asked aanr to look into this and got the reply of religious or non acceptance or their communities. Well people to see if im wrong or not, advertise in social media and general media and lets see if things change. Make people aware and comfortable and better activities and we may actually see the growth of nudism we nudist want- I have raised my kids as nudist and they participate unless they get board.


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