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It’s not always easy the first time getting natural in a public setting. In some cases, it’s not very easy to get natural in your very home for others. Here are some tips for those who may feel shy for their first times or need a boost of confidence when it comes to break free from the restrictions from clothing.

  • Remind yourself that being nude isn’t a sexual statement. It only becomes sexual if you make it so.
  • Your body, just like everyone else, is different. There is no perfect body! — yeah, them beauty magazines … fake! They spend HOURS creating a fake look just to look ‘good’ for the camera. all that make-up just to look like something that fell in to a make-up bag to look like a barbie/ken doll. Remember, you’re more beautifully unique just the way you are. there is no need to make yourself look fake. If you get addicted to make-up, you’ll cause yourself to feel anxiety, stress and eventually, depression.
  • If you live in an urban environment, you might want to consider a privacy fence or block. If you’re like me, I live in Montreal with millions of people — I’ve placed a block on the balcony so that I may enjoy that morning coffee or evening beer outside without worry of raising alarm to others who are not accustomed to the lifestyle.
  • Engaging in friendly conversations with neighbours about the lifestyle can also greatly increase the likelihood of them accepting your lifestyle. a bonus would that they try it themselves!
  • I don’t know where you’re from, however, as for Canada and most of the United States, most laws are as followed. It’s not illegal to be nude in a public place unless you raise alarm to others to be offended. moreover with kids around. (strangers); if you make it obvious by flaunting. I’ve organized the WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) with police escort and there was never a problem riding with hundreds of naked people in the middle of the downtown core of Montreal.
  • Scars, stretch marks, amputations, mastectomy, etc — They are part of life and you should not feel belittled by them. I like to call them ‘war wounds’ and they can be a great conversation starter. Many people don’t know what it’s like or never gone though what you have endured and may look at you in a funny way, but not the way you might be thinking. In most cases they are simply curious in a non offensive manner. They never went though what you did and may just have their own questions what it is like or — know your story of how it came to past. If it’s one thing I learned in life (not only in Naturism, is that the human species have always been the curious type.)
  • Be confident and relaxed. Act like you normally do with clothes on. The simple fact of the matter is you should not act any different from you would if you have clothes on or not. The more natural you act can play a big role on body language.
  • Last but certainly not the least, NEVER be judgmental.

If there are any points I may have missed, drop me a message in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them. If they are a new major point, i’ll edit the blog and add it accordingly.

19 thoughts on “Embracing Naturism 101 – The Naturist Page

  1. Thank you again for your blog. I might not get a chance to go nude outside my own home but am interested in learning more. There is a campground thirty or so miles from where I live. If I get a chance this summer I hope to visit.


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