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TNP - LogoMy name is Scott RedCloud, Official page owner for “The Naturist Page” that can be found here on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. We promote social non-sexual Naturism and nudism. Educating society that Naturism and nudism isn’t sexual or lewd; that it’s a way of life. We also like to encourage people about body acceptance and acceptance of others. love your body.

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12 thoughts on “About/Contact Us

  1. Excellent job on the site Scott! Basic, clean and clearly focused on true naturism. Nothing solicitous about it. I can tell it is something you believe in. Keep up the good work.

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  2. I am a lifelong nudist and naturist (virtually 24/7 — the only time I wear clothes is at the gym, since I have a home office). Used to be a member of the Naturist Society and think I should rejoin. However, my preference is not camping sites to enjoy naturism, but at secluded private and public beaches, with like-minded friends at social gatherings, etc. (Of course, when I am in bed as well, asleep or just relaxing). I want to expand the number of naturist friends and acquaintances that I have. Do you know of any nudist-naturist clubs or groups where I can be meeting them for social (non-sexual) interaction? here in Washington DC where I live?


  3. Hello Scott. Good, well written content. Hopefully some “textiles” will get inspiration to experience naturism.

    I wonder if you would be interested to write about our new endeavour: Naturist BnB

    Idea is pretty much same as with Airbnb. Use you extra room or whatever space to make some extra money and meet new interesting people. Just that you can now do it naked.


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