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TNP - LogoMy name is Scott RedCloud, Official page owner for “The Naturist Page” that can be found here on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. We promote social non-sexual Naturism and nudism. Educating society that Naturism and nudism isn’t sexual or lewd; that it’s a way of life. We also like to encourage people about body acceptance and acceptance of others. love your body.

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10 thoughts on “About/Contact Us

  1. Excellent job on the site Scott! Basic, clean and clearly focused on true naturism. Nothing solicitous about it. I can tell it is something you believe in. Keep up the good work.

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  2. I am a lifelong nudist and naturist (virtually 24/7 — the only time I wear clothes is at the gym, since I have a home office). Used to be a member of the Naturist Society and think I should rejoin. However, my preference is not camping sites to enjoy naturism, but at secluded private and public beaches, with like-minded friends at social gatherings, etc. (Of course, when I am in bed as well, asleep or just relaxing). I want to expand the number of naturist friends and acquaintances that I have. Do you know of any nudist-naturist clubs or groups where I can be meeting them for social (non-sexual) interaction? here in Washington DC where I live?


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